Hibag vacuum storage bags are 50% off at Amazon


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No matter how often you try to organize the house, you always feel like there’s more Things – and simply nowhere to put it. Even if you’ve used storage bags in the past, they can still feel bulky and take up space. So if you’re looking for a way to keep things organized without taking up extra space, consider hanging the Hibag vacuum storage bagswhich are 50% off on Amazon right now.

You’ll be able to fit just about anything in these space-saving bags, including bedding, clothes, pillows, and more. saving you up to 80% more space than other bags, depending on the brand. Each set comes with 20 bags (six medium, five large, five jumbo, two small, and two roll-up bags), plus a hand pump. The medium bags can fit eight to ten sweaters, while the jumbo can fit a full set of queen-size bedding.

The bags are also very easy to use: just wrap each bag, seal it, use the hand pump to suck the air out, then store them wherever you want. Each bag has a sturdy zipper to keep air out, and they’re waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about anything getting damaged. Plus, since the bags are see-through, you’ll always be able to tell what’s inside without having to open everything.

Buy it! Hibag vacuum storage bags, $25 (origin $49.99); amazon.com

These vacuum bags are some of the most popular on Amazon with over 15,000 perfect ratings. Buyers say they are “better than Space Bags”, with one reviewer explaining that they “save so much space”. Another user who called them “best on the market” said: “I have purchased many different brands of vacuum bags and none of them stand up to these.”

A shopper moving to a new state relied on these storage bags to store all of her clothes during the move, writing, “The amount of air that can be squeezed out of those bags and your clothes is insane.” The buyer went on to say that they also use them for bedding, saying it’s very easy to transport their items that way. They were so impressed with these “magic bags”, that they said they were convinced “these must have been invented by Hermione Granger”.


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