How Boa Hancock Can Save Amazon Lily


Boa Hancock is the leader of the Kuja Pirates and the leader of Amazon Lily. She was offered the position in the Seven Warlords by the Navy right after her first voyage. The Navy recognized that Boa Hancock posed a huge threat, and that she could cause them serious problems in the future, so by having her join the Seven Warlords of the Sea, they could use her to keep the balance of the failing power. .

In A play chapter 1059, it was revealed that Amazon Lily was under siege by Blackbeard’s navy and pirates. Almost all of Amazon Lily was destroyed, and if things had gotten out of hand, Boa might have died too. Luckily for her, Rayleigh was present at the scene and he arrived just in time to stop Blackbeard from killing Boa Hancock. With the things that heat up in A playBoa must act quickly before Blackbeard or the Navy decides to attack Amazon Lily again.


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On Blackbeard’s Radar

Blackbeard is the captain of the Blackbeard Pirates and one of the Four Emperors of the Sea. He rose to prominence after defeating the remnants of the Whitebeard Pirates in the Salvage War. By cementing his place among the Emperors, Blackbeard gained great authority throughout the New World. Previously, Blackbeard said he wants to become the Pirate King, and every move he makes brings him closer to his goal. One thing Blackbeard has openly stated is that he is on the hunt for rare Devil Fruits. The crew’s attempt to steal Devil Fruits led them to various locations.

Jesus Burgess was sent to Dressrosa to steal the Mera Mera no Mi, but he couldn’t match Sabo’s strength. The crew managed to kill Absalom and the power was given to Shiryu. So the reason Blackbeard came to Amazon Lily was the same: he wanted to take Boa Hancock’s Mero Mero no Mi.

This is the first time readers have seen Blackbeard set off with his crew to steal a Devil Fruit, raising the question of whether the Mero Mero no Mi is anything special. Sure, it’s an extremely overpowered Devil Fruit, but it’s important to remember that Hancock was force-fed this Devil Fruit by the Celestial Dragons, and they felt like Boa could never leave Mary. Geoise. Blackbeard has a lot of knowledge about Devil Fruits, so it’s possible that Boa’s Devil Fruit is the key to his goals.

Join the Guild of the Cross

One of the most logical choices she could make is to join the Cross Guild, which is run by two former Warlords. Mihawk and Crocodile are already thriving as the Navy focuses primarily on Buggy. The two toy with the Navy’s misunderstanding that they are Buggy’s underlings. As Buggy is now one of the Four Emperors, the Navy is cautious as they don’t want to side with him. This provides all Buggy minions with some level of protection. Although Boa made it clear that she wouldn’t serve any man, she could convince Mihawk and Crocodile to come to an agreement.

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The deal would allow Boa to join the Cross Guild, and Amazon Lily would be under Buggy’s protection. Also, since Buggy has no authority in the Cross Guild, Hancock would therefore not have to follow its orders. Crocodile and Mihawk wouldn’t mind Boa joining the party as she’s an amazing fighter with a bounty of 1,659,000,000 berries. Getting him to join the group would mean the Navy would be even more careful before trying to attack a Cross Guild member. However, that’s not the only option Boa has at his disposal.

Looking for Luffy

Boa Hancock is deeply in love with Luffy and even in the last chapter she made it clear that she wanted to marry Luffy. While Boa’s thinking is heavily influenced by her feelings for Luffy, joining Luffy’s crew might turn out to be an amazing decision for her and Amazon Lily. Since Boa and Luffy know each other, the latter would have absolutely no problem letting her join her. Also, Luffy is the only person besides his sisters that Boa completely trusts. However, the chances of Boa joining the crew are low, especially after the Yamato incident, where it looked like Yamato would permanently become a Straw Hat.

Fortunately, there is another way for Boa to get closer to Luffy and that is by joining the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. Since the formation of the fleet in Dressrosa, they haven’t been involved in any major action, so this might be the perfect opportunity for Oda to give them some screen time. Getting Boa to join the Grand Fleet would be a big boost for Luffy as he will need all the help he can get in the war that will engulf the entire world. Judging by the fact that Oda saved Hancock until the very end, it’s highly likely that she has a big role to play in the final saga.

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