How to Avoid Getting Scammed When Shopping Online on Flipkart and Amazon


Every year, Flipkart and Amazon, two of the most popular shopping sites, hold festive sales for consumers. These sales aim to offer products at a good price while selling off certain stocks in order to make room for a new product or new stock. Read also – Flipkart Big Diwali Sale: I ordered a gaming laptop from Flipkart, received a giant stone and e-waste

However, there are many cases where buyers have been scammed on such platforms and they have become completely helpless. Because of this, some people have even stopped buying from online platforms. But why does this happen? Especially now, when we only depend on the internet and consumer forums have grown. Read also – Flipkart Big Diwali Sale Ends Today: Best Phone Deals in Past Hours

Let’s face it, such frauds happen and will continue, unfortunately. But the one who can remain vigilant is the consumer. When ordering a product from online platforms, there is a checklist that you might want to follow in order to avoid getting scammed. Read also – Amazon Confirms Success of Great Indian Festival Sale: Consumers, Sellers and Brands Enjoy Huge Margin

How to Avoid Getting Scammed When Ordering Products Online

Buying products online, especially electronic items like smartphones, laptops, and other devices, can be tempting. Mainly because things like smartphones are much cheaper online and on sale, they are available at attractive prices. This, followed by banking offers, makes smartphones and other electronics a good buy.

However, you should remain vigilant and follow a checklist when buying devices online. This checklist also includes some measures that online platforms have in place to prevent fraud with customers.

Recently, Flipkart introduced its Open Box Delivery (OBD) whereby products are opened and checked in front of the customer at the time of delivery. Once the product has been verified, the customer tells the OTP to the delivery person to confirm.

Post this, no returns are accepted even for damage or missing parts, or wrong items since the customer has already agreed that the product is perfect and shared the OTP.

Amazon, on the other hand, offers a 7-day replacement warranty and returns for certain items. But again, there are also risks of fraud.

Indeed, Flipkart and Amazon or any other similar shopping website are just platforms where sellers and customers meet. The products you see on these platforms are not sold by these companies, but sellers across India use the platform to sell their products.

That being said, neither Flipkart nor Amazon can fully guarantee that you won’t be scammed. It is therefore ultimately up to the consumer to remain vigilant when buying smartphones and other electronic devices from various sellers on these platforms.

Below is a quick checklist that you should scan whenever shopping online on Amazon, Flipkart, or similar websites.

Checklist to follow when buying smartphones or electronic devices online

1. Check product price, product ratings and QnA:

This is a basic step, but you should always follow it. When you like a product online, always check the price, pictures and ratings. The price must be real, what I mean is that it must not be too low or too high. If it’s too low, chances are it’s a fake and if the price is too high, then you already know you’re about to get ripped off.

Images and ratings should be checked before purchasing any product. Check if the images look legit and if the rating and reviews on the platform are real. If you found something skeptical, avoid buying.

Most people forget that there is a section on most online shopping platforms where you can ask questions to the seller or anyone browsing the product. See if there are any important and legitimate questions in the Q&A section. Ask questions of the seller or others to determine if the seller is responding and if the ad is not fishy.

2. Check sellers and their ratings:

Open the product you are buying. If it’s on Flipkart, you should see the seller right below the highlights or compare product sections. It says “Sold by” followed by the seller’s name and rating. On Amazon, you can see the seller’s name under the “Buy Now” option. Tap on the name and check the seller details.

Once you know the seller’s name, check their rating on the app and also search for the seller’s name on Google. If the seller has 4-4.5+ stars (on Flipkart) or 85%+ (on Amazon), and they also have good reviews, you’re ready to move on to the next step.

You can also check if other sellers are selling the same item and order the product from another seller. But usually the first seller is reliable.

3. Check the return or replacement policy:

Always check if the smartphone or product you are buying has a return or replacement policy. If you are unsure of the product and it has no “returns”, do not purchase the product at this time. If you are sure to buy a product, always check if it has a 7-day replacement.

It is present on most products on Amazon, while on Flipkart Open Box Delivery (OBD) system is available. You can read the OBD section of this article to know more about it.

4. Shoot an Unboxing video and click on product photos:

When you finally receive the product, take an unboxing video and click the pictures. Taking a video when opening the box and clicking the product images before and after opening the product can help you with any problems because you will have evidence to share.


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