How to Contact a Seller on Amazon


You can ask questions about products you would like to order or file complaints/queries about those you have already purchased

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Amazon is by far the largest online retailer, with millions of products and sellers worldwide. From digital content to physical goods, its product listings cover almost every industry you can think of. So you’re sure to find what you need most of the time.

But with such diversity, it is natural to have questions about certain products from certain sellers. Even when you have made a purchase, you may experience issues with the order, requiring you to contact the seller.

This article will cover all the ways you can get in touch with sellers to ask questions, file complaints, or leave feedback.


How to Contact a Seller Using the Product Listing Page

The product listing page is perfect for contacting sellers before placing an order. However, you can also use it after making a purchase. To get started, go to, search for a specific product, and talk to the seller. Alternatively, if you have a specific seller in mind, you can go to their storefront if they have one and find the product from there.

  1. After locating the product, click on the seller’s name in the right panel. You will find it next Sold by and under the Buy now button. In the Amazon app, you will need to scroll down to find the seller’s name. This will automatically take you to the seller’s contact and information page.
  2. Select yellow ask a question on the seller’s page to access the seller’s email assistant.
  3. Follow the prompts in the chat window, selecting the appropriate options relating to your question. A message box appears where you can type your question and attach files.
    • If you have already ordered from the seller, you may see buttons asking if you want to communicate about this product.
  4. Type your question in the box and click Send the message. Amazon sends your message to the seller and leaves a copy for you.

How to log in through the Orders page

If you’ve placed an order before and are having issues with it, or want to contact the seller regarding the item, the Orders page is a good place to start.

  1. Go to and log in to your account.
  2. Select Returns and Orders in the upper right corner of the screen. On the Amazon app, tap the hamburger icon in the lower right corner of the screen and select Orders. The Your commands the page opens.
  3. Find the order in question and click on the yellow Problem with order Where Get help ordering button, depending on what is available. These buttons appear if the third-party seller has not yet delivered your order.
  4. After choosing the appropriate option, follow the prompts to report your issue.

The Get help ordering The button is specific to sellers who manage their shipping instead of through Amazon.

If your order has been delivered, you can request a return, exchange or refund by clicking on the Return or replace items button. And if the seller handles those transactions, Amazon will connect you with them. You can also rate the seller or leave a comment about your shopping experience using a Leave feedback to seller button. This option is available up to 90 days after your order date.

Communicate with buyer/seller messages

If you’ve already contacted a seller through one of the other two methods, you can continue the conversation with Amazon’s Buyer/Seller Messaging Service. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the home page of and navigate to Account and Lists.
  2. From the drop-down menu, select the Account option under Your account.
  3. Click it Your messages box.
  4. Select the Buyer/seller messages , and you will see all the messages between you and the third-party sellers. Choose a conversation and continue where you left off.

And that’s all there is to it. If you’re using the Amazon app, tap the hamburger button in the lower right corner of the screen and go to Account > Message center > Your messages > Buyer/seller messages.

Now wait for a response

You’ll want to use Amazon’s product listing page to contact sellers before placing an order, and use the Orders page if you’ve already purchased an item and are having issues with it. And if you need to pick up a conversation where you left off, the buyer/seller messaging option is available.

You may not receive a response immediately, so please give the seller about 48 hours to respond. Throughout the process, Amazon sends your messages to sellers via email, ensuring your privacy is never compromised.


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