Hurry up and get an Amazon Echo Dot for just $0.99


Get ready for great deals, especially for Amazon branded products. The recently announced Amazon Prime Early Access sale, which will take place on October 11 and 12, offers a special Amazon Music Unlimited introductory offer that allows you to purchase a third generation for just $0.99 when you also purchase a month of Amazon Music Unlimited for $9. And you don’t have to wait until October 11, as Amazon is offering a number of additional Early Prime Early Access specials to get the party started sooner. You can try saying “Early Prime Early Access deals” five times faster or just jump in and grab an Echo Dot for $0.99. The bundled cost is $10 for the one-month subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited at the regular monthly price of $9 plus $0.99 for the Dot. Since the regular price of the 3rd Gen Echo Dot is $40 and a month of Amazon Music Unlimited is $9, you’re saving $39 with this deal. Amazon Music Unlimited subscription automatically renews for $9 per month unless you cancel before the end of the month. Ultimately, this deal is a great way to pick up a 3rd-gen Echo Dot on the cheap. But don’t delay because we don’t know how long this extra-early sale will last.

Why should you buy the Amazon Echo Dot

The 3rd Gen Amazon Echo Dot is an incredibly versatile digital device. It’s a smart speaker that responds to Amazon Alexa commands and questions. The Echo Dot also plays music and when it arrived our 3rd Gen Echo Dot review hailed its impressive sound quality as a significant upgrade from the then-popular second-gen Echo Dot. You can configure the 3rd Gen Echo Dot as a single speaker or pair it with a second unit to have stereo sound. The Echo Dot streams music from Amazon Music as well as other major streaming sources such as Apple Music, Spotify and Sirius XM.

You can also use the 3rd Gen Amazon Echo Dot as a smart home control center, using Alexa voice commands to turn lights on and off, control smart thermostats, security systems, appliances and more again, with literally thousands of Alexa-enabled devices. At your request, Alexa can use the Echo Dot to tell stories and jokes or conduct an often intriguing conversation with a bot. Plus, you can use the Echo Dot as a communication device, both as an intercom and home paging system, and to call external phone numbers hands-free.

If you act fast, you can grab the Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen for just $0.99 during the Early Amazon Prime Early Access sale when you combine it with a $9 month introductory subscription to Amazon Music. Unlimited. So for your $10 purchase, you’ll get a 3rd Gen Amazon Echo Dot which usually costs $40, and an auto-renewing one-month subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited, one of the best sources for music streaming, at its normal price of $9. price per month. It’s a $39 saving and the cheapest way to buy an Amazon Echo Dot. You can enjoy Amazon Music Unlimited for a month, then cancel or continue the subscription to enjoy ad-free music from Amazon’s ever-growing collection of 90 million songs.

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