I’m a huge Walmart fan – I found eight clearance items starting at 25 cents, you won’t see it marked in the store


A THRIFTY couple found extra deals on at least eight clearance items starting at 25 cents all through the Walmart app.

Posts from Mike Lorenzo videos on ICT Tac sharing deals he and his wife find for to buy many things for them family without spending too much.


Mike Lorenzo posts videos on TikTok sharing deals he and his wife find to buy lots of things for their family without spending too muchCredit: TikTok/lorenzofamilydeals
Mike got lots of school and office supplies which are now on sale at very low prices, he found savings beyond the clearance sticker


Mike got lots of school and office supplies which are now on sale at very low prices, he found savings beyond the clearance stickerCredit: Getty

He shares couponing advice with its 86,000 subscribers via his page known as lorenzofamilydeals on the app.

In his TikTok bio, Mike said he was a Amazon veteran seller and addition to a couponer and liquidation buyer.

With a caption reading, “Walmart liquidation is on fire,” Mike and his wife revealed dozens of markdown items they got for their kids and household.

“It’s never too early to start a new school year and Christmas purchases with chords like this,” his caption added.

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be the most children long back to school in August, Mike got plenty of school and office supplies which are now on sale at rock bottom prices, he found savings beyond the clearance sticker.

1. Pencil box

“Back to school shopping is done, let’s see this,” Mike said as he grabbed a pencil holder from a shelf.

“Originally $1.12, let’s say $0.75,” he added. “We all know that’s a lie.”

After scanning the barcode on the item with the camera on his phone, he showed his phone screen revealing the Walmart app listing the Cra-Z-Art Stackable Pencil Box for $0.25 at the store.

The screen also said the pencil case was out of stock online.

2. Mechanical pencils

Holding a pack of mechanical pencils, Mike showed that the clearance price marked them at $3.

Once he scanned the barcode on the back of the 36-point Pen + Gear mechanical pencils, he showed a new price listed on the Walmart app.

Pencils that the app said were out of stock online were priced at $1.

3. Markers

Picking up dry erase markers, Mike showed that the item’s clearance price in the store was $2.50.

He then flipped the markers over to scan the barcode.

The Pen+Gear brand’s eight-color, assorted pack of low-odor dry-erase markers with chisel tips showed a $1 price tag on the Walmart app.

Mike said:


Mike said, “Originally $47.74, on clearance for $42.96”Credit: TikTok/lorenzofamilydeals

The markers were also found to be out of stock online.

With the Expo brand dry erase markers that had a sticker showing a clearance price of $4.50, Mike said their original price was $9.68.

“Scan it with the free Walmart app, two bucks. Yes, please,” he added, listing the $2 price tag for the eight-pack of dry-erase markers.

3. Scissors

The scissors that Mike says originally cost $12.64 had a yellow clearance sticker with a price tag of $8.

He returned the eight inch Westcott carbo titanium scissors and scanned the barcode while saying “that’s a lie” about the clearance price the item was marked with.

Showing the low $3 price on the Walmart app for the scissors, Mike added, “We’ll take that, please.”

4. Whiteboard

Holding up a dry-erase whiteboard, Mike pointed to the clearance sticker and said, “$6? Stop Walmart.”

He flipped the U Brands gem-shaped dry-erase whiteboard and combo board to scan the barcode and revealed the price of the Walmart app.

The price for the whiteboard turned out to be $2.50 on the app.

“We’ll take it for the kids, please,” Mike said grabbing a few from the shelf.

Showing off a dry-erase wall calendar, Mike said it was originally $22.26.

He also showed the clearance tag that said the U Brands whiteboard and bulletin board cost $14 before scanning the barcode with the Walmart app to reveal a cheaper price.

The app on his phone had a price of $6 for the whiteboard calendar from the Walmart store he was in.

With a combination of corkboard and whiteboard, he told his wife, “We can write love notes to each other.

“It was originally $15, in clearance for $9,” he added before scanning the barcode with his phone.

He scanned it with the Walmart app and showed that the Pen + Gear magnetic dry-erase and corkboard combo was listed for $3.

5. Chest

The label on the chest said:


The label on the chest read: “If it’s important to you, lock it up”Credit: TikTok/lorenzofamilydeals

“Lockable storage chest,” Mike said, pointing to a large black rectangular box.

The tag on the chest read, “If it’s important to you, lock it up.”

Mike said, “Originally $47.74, on clearance for $42.96.”

“Scan this with the Walmart app,” he added. “$11.94 let’s go!” »

6. Water Filter Pitcher

Mike said, “Look at this bad boy. Originally $39.90,” while holding a pitcher of water with a filter.

After scanning the barcode on the water pitcher, Mike showed that the price of the 12-cup ZeroWater Ready-to-Use Filtered Water Pitcher was $13.96.

“Let’s go,” he said enthusiastically.

7. Bulbs

Showing his wife a box of LED bulbs, Mike said “I have an idea baby.”

“How about not paying $9 for these because they say they’re on clearance,” he added, pointing to the yellow price tag on the two paco multicolored LED bulbs. 75-Watt Smart Lights from Merkury Innovations.

Mike scanned the barcode and showed the price on the Walmart app saying “and we only pay $5 for them”.

8. Breast pump

The savvy shopper showed off a Lansinoh Smartpump 2.0 on a store shelf.

“It’s originally $161,” he said, showing the price tag.

“On clearance for $40.25, it’s a breast pump,” he added.

The Amazon seller said they don’t sell these types of products.

He added a public service announcement that they were going to leave the pump on the shelf for anyone in the same area of ​​Massachusetts who might be shopping at the same Walmart store.

“For all future moms.”

Remember that prices and availability vary by location.

Other Ways to Save at Walmart

Using the Walmart app has allowed users to find discounts greater than those listed on the price tag.

There are other ways to save, including buying Walmart’s Great Value brand.

It’s Walmart’s own brand of products, but at a lower price.

When shopping, you can usually look for rewards programs or use cash back apps.

Also, always shop around and enter with a plan.

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