Is AGM Mobile’s Glory G1S rugged phone good for business?


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If you think rugged smartphones are essential for your job, you might be glad there isn’t an endless selection. But even so, choosing one can still be a hassle.

Along with the expected features like flashlights, walkie-talkie functions, and a heavy armor feel, this really is the functional differences between one rugged handset and another that would lead to your final decision. This review is for the AGM Glory GS1, first made available to the US market in January 2022. The company, which I didn’t know about until this year, claims that it makes rugged phones – and nothing special. another – for ten years.

Is this phone loud enough for the outdoors? It depends on your definition of “strong”.

Although I’m not an audio engineer, AGM seems to have set the 1kHz sound wave frequency of this phone to a high setting. This is probably what makes this phone feel like it has “big volume”, which I’ve seen mentioned in other reviews. A high setting of 1kHz was found to be better for hearing people’s voices, while boosting adjacent frequencies to 1kHz. I think this was all done intentionally, to produce the end effect of above average loudness in human voices during phone calls, zooms, etc. Ultimately, “loud” isn’t the word I would use to characterize the audio of the Glory G1S. More like designed and marketed for people who need the voice of their clients or co-workers to sound “more pronounced”. But if you need real loudness – in a construction area, for example – I’d still recommend a volume booster app like 4TForLive’s Super Loud Speaker Booster. This is not a negative review. Because I suggest free volume booster apps for everything Android phone brands, even the latest LG phones that were marketed as “noisy”, although to my ears they weren’t.

The thermal camera has its uses

The thermal camera, which I tested, is something I imagine will be useful. Hinting at this feature, AGM’s press release states that the phone is a good fit for industries such as “search and rescue, building construction, plumbing, pest control, healthcare, firefighters and other first responders”. During my test, I took a picture of 2 portable coolants. One was in my freezer for several days, the other was refrigerated for the same amount of time. The thermal sensor showed the temperatures of both, in degrees Celsius at first, before I changed the default setting to farenheit. In the thermal color palette, you’ll notice that the phone also took the temperature of my kitchen counter, showing it as 77.7 degrees. The frozen and chilled coolant read 6.1 degrees and 42.4 degrees, respectively.

Even if you work indoors, you can still see positives in the overall durability of rugged phones. Or if you tend to drop your phone a lot.

Benefits of the Glory G1S

    • No need to buy a separate case
    • Latest military standard MIL-STD-810H to cope with extreme conditions like humid heat and freezing
    • Conforms to IP68 water resistance
    • Reliable compass
    • Designed to work with T-Mobile and dual SIM cards. Note: AGM states in the phone’s quick start guide: “When you insert 2 SIM cards, you can only choose one of the 2 SIM cards to use data services.”
    • Sony IMX 350 infrared night vision camera. Note: Photos taken with the night vision camera will always be black and white
    • Reprogrammable instant side button. Note: AGM calls this the user-defined key. It’s the walkie-talkie unless you change it
    • Simple red laser pointer for in-person presentations (or as a cat toy when you’re home)
    • Thermal camera with readings. Note: This is not the same as his night vision camera. It’s in the central defender. Photos appear in thermal colors
    • Almost no bloatware
    • Battery life did not disappoint
    • The phone will seek to connect to T-Mobile’s 5G network where it can

Disadvantages of the Glory G1S

    • Surprisingly, there is no OEM gallery app, so you have to download something like the Google Gallery app from the Play Store
    • Of the 4 variants in the Glory line, the Glory Gs1 has the lightest weight at 360g or 0.79lbs, but it still feels heavy. This will be true with any rugged phone, even relatively light ones will feel heavy. It is the 2nd most expensive of the 4 variants.
    • The calculator app should be accessed by a 2-finger swipe down
    • I don’t know if Android “power users” will be impressed with the OEM defaults. Experienced users can always root at their own risk.
    • The optional charging station for the G1S, while high quality, is the closest thing to “wireless” charging. The OEM recognizes that the G1S does not have true wireless charging

Dimensions: 6.8″ x 3.2″ x 0.6″

Operating system: Android 11

Operator: T-Mobile (USA)

Main Camera: Sony IMX 582, four lenses, 48MP autofocus

Night vision camera: 20MP with 1 infrared LED.

Thermal camera: 256×192 resolution, 25FPS frame rate

Screen size and resolution: 6.53″, 2340 x 1080 (FHD+)

Storage: 128 GB

Battery: 5500mAh

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Image: Mobile AGM


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