“It will make everyone you meet attracted to you”


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The scent is a fairly personal choice. However, cult perfume Glossier You has exploded on TikTok because, as the product description says, “it smells a little different on everyone.”

You could categorize Glossier You as a “skin scent”. These types of perfumes are meant to smell a bit musky, warm, and familiar – like your own skin, only better. They’re a bit like color-changing lip balms from Dior or Winky Lux that combine with the natural pH of your lips to create a unique, natural shade just for you. Like no-makeup makeup, the goal is to elevate what you’re already working with.

Credit: Glossier

$64 at Glossier

However, don’t be confused – Glossier You still has a smell. It features top notes of bright and spicy pink pepper, middle notes of woody and musky ambrette seeds and is complemented by the fresh scent of iris.

After you apply it and wear it for a little while, you may notice the scent change slightly. TikToker @milliecroker1 recently tried it out and explained the experience in a video that quickly gained over 70,000 views. “When you first vape it, it smells fresh, and the longer it sits, the more musky it becomes,” she said after calling it “beautiful” and “worth a shot.” In a follow-up video, she shared the compliments she received from some of her friends.

Nevertheless, Croker is not the first person to review this scent. It first went viral in June when @bitcoin_papi shared in a now viral video that a man chased her down the street asking what perfume she was wearing. “I’m not even kidding, I’ve worn it so many times, and it will appeal to everyone you come across,” she said.

Credit: Glossier You

Credit: Glossier You

430 at Glossier

If you’ve been looking for a new signature scent that’s truly the epitome of ‘you’, this might be the one. Glossier You comes in a cute perfume spray bottle as well as a solid form, priced at $64 and $30, respectively. The solid is especially great for travel, but just a word of warning – some reviewers say the spray is stronger and lasts longer.

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