Joy is done as Amazon launches new holiday ad campaign


just released their holiday ad campaign; Joy is Made, a story about a father’s love for his child. The ad tells the story of a father who recognizes his daughter’s special attachment to a snow globe. He then enlists help from neighbors in his community and orders products from Amazon to build a life-size version of his daughter’s favorite snow globe in the backyard greenhouse. The big reveal demonstrates a father’s love through his ingenuity and inventiveness as he is determined to make his child’s vacation a magical experience.

Joy is Made by the award-winning director

The ad conveys the message of how joy can be brought to loved ones with the help of others. Amazon vacation The campaign was led by Academy Award-winning writer, director and actor Taika Waititi. “We were so inspired to collaborate with Taika Waititi on this year’s holiday announcement. The passion he had for telling the story of a relationship between a father and his child, with his signature charm and the choices casting that he knew how to deliver that story, was paramount,” said Jo Shoesmith, Amazon’s global creative manager. The ad was produced by ad agency Lucky Generals and production company Hungry Man.

Gift catalog for the best toys

Amazon’s fifth annual holiday gift book was released in October, and millions of customers have already received the catalog in the mail. The company has a digital version available in Spanish for the first time. The theme of the gift book is “Share the Adventure” and includes over 600 toys and gifts. Amazon’s top toys list, Toys We Love, showcases small business products and offers a selection of climate-friendly charity items and gift options. New this year in the digital version of the catalog is a trip to Roblox’s gaming metaverse, where users can earn points for free clothes for avatars.

Amazon is set up to serve customers and make returns easier during the holidays

The company plans to hire 150,000 workers and leverage its transportation network to deliver products to customers throughout the holiday season. Amazon has more than 110 of its own planes and more than 50,000 trucks to ship parcels around the world. More than 275,000 drivers worldwide specialize in last-mile deliveries through the Delivery Service Partner (DPS) program. In its recent earnings report, Amazon said it is investing more than $450 million over the next year to help delivery service partners (DSPs) support their teams.

Amazon offers free returns on most items and gives customers options for returning unwanted products, including mailing or dropping off at various locations, including Amazon Stores, Kohl’s, Whole Foods, and Amazon Locker. Amazon’s third-quarter sales were up 15% and year-to-date sales were up 10%. Holiday sales began with the Prime Early Access sales event in October. Last year, fourth quarter sales (October, November and December) accounted for 29% of total annual sales.


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