Kate Quinn’s Diamond Eye Review: Automatic ‘Want to Read’


Every time you see a Kate Quinn book, you’ll want it to be an automatic “want to read.” This is certainly the case with The diamond eye by Kate Quinn.

After the likes of the huntress and The rose code, Kate Quinn has become one of those authors I immediately seek out. Whenever I see a new book by her, I mark it as “I want to read” on my Goodreads account. And I’ll usually devour it within a week of release if I haven’t received an advanced review copy.

This was the case with The diamond eye by Kate Quinn. It just took me a while to write this review. I finished the book as soon as it came out!

What is The Diamond Eye by Kate Quinn about?

The novel follows Lyudmila ‘Mila’ Pavilichenko, Russia’s top sniper during World War II. We see her life before she became a sniper, life during training, the grief and loss she faced, and her friendship with Eleanor Roosevelt.

Soviet sniper life is not so glamorous. And despite the fact that she has more than 300 victims, she is expected to only talk about things that Americans would like in a woman. She asked all the usual sexist questions, which annoys her when it comes to wanting to help win American support during World War II.

The Soviets lose against the German army. She and a few men are out to get the support they need, but can Mila help people forget the fact that she’s a woman? It helps that she manages to befriend Eleanor Roosevelt, but will that be enough?

While all of this is going on, she is also faced with threatening notes and the feeling that someone is following her. Who wants him dead and why?

Unraveling the mysteries in The Diamond Eye

I admit it The diamond eye by Kate Quinn is not my favorite book. it’s gonna be hard to beat the huntress for me. However, I still enjoyed it very much.

The problem for me is that I didn’t even realize there was supposed to be a threat in the “present day” of the story until we were halfway through. And then the eventual reveal was a little too obvious for me. With the huntress, we knew who she was all along and spent time following her escape attempt and all those against her. With rose code, there was the mystery of how Beth ended up in the asylum and the lack of time to get her out. With The diamond eyeI didn’t really feel too threatened until the end.

What I loved was watching the friendship between Eleanor and Mila grow. It was my favorite part of the story, even more so now that I’ve watched The first lady on Showtime.

It’s still an enjoyable read that I highly recommend to anyone looking for a WWII read.

Stars: 3.5 out of 5.

What did you think of The diamond eye by Kate Quinn? What’s your favorite Kate Quinn book so far? Share your opinion in the comments below.

The diamond eye by Kate Quinn is available to read on Amazon.


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