LA Demo Days 2022: Hands-on impressions of Miasma Chronicles


LA Demo Days 2022: Hands-on impressions of Miasma Chronicles

We had the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with several of the upcoming titles from publisher 505 Games. One of the games we got to try was Chronicles of miasmas from developer The Bearded Ladies who created 2018 Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden. In the same vein, Chronicles of miasmas is a turn-based tactical RPG but adds real-time stealth to its combat.

Chronicles of miasmas follows Elvis and his robotic older “brother” Diggs on a quest through a post-apocalyptic wasteland to find answers against a savage force known as “Miasma” that could forever change the course of human history.

The demo we got to play starts with Elvis trying to manipulate the Miasma, something he can do thanks to a weird glove his mother gave him. It stops working, forcing Elvis and Diggs to return to Sedentary, a desolate mining town. Along the way, they encounter monsters known as frogs that kill a family. Once they take out the frogs and arrive in town, Elvis and Diggs meet Mason, the mayor of Sedentary. They talk about the frogs’ arrival in town when Mason reveals that other towns have remained silent. When they investigated, they found that the frogs had wiped them out, and Sedentary was next. In order to stop the possible “invasion”, Mason tasks Elvis and Diggs with going past the Miasma to locate Elivis’ mother, who may be the key to saving the town and finding answers regarding the Miasma. In order to repair the glove, Elvis and Diggs must find a power core. They make a deal with Bertha Jr, owner of the Guns N Ammo store in town. They must get something for her in exchange for the power core she has. They venture out, take more frogs, find what Bertha wants, and install the power core on the gauntlet. This is where the demo ended.

Chronicles of miasmas plays a lot like Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden. Each character has two action points per turn, he can move, engage in combat or use objects before the end of his turn. The difference here is the addition of stealth. Players can move Elvis and Diggs into position in order to ambush enemies. While stealthed, you can move freely without using action points. Damage is doubled if you engage enemies in stealth mode. It also provides Elvis and Diggs with the first move once the fight begins.

If you liked Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, chances are you like Chronicles of miasmas. It takes what The Bearded Ladies did with turn-based tactical gameplay and evolves things like adding real-time stealth. Plus, it’ll be interesting to see what else Elvis learns and if you’re able to use and manipulate the Miasma during exploration and combat if that’s something you could do.

Chronicles of miasmas Set to launch in 2023 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Amazon Luna.



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