Lucy and Desi review – fixing what Being the Ricardos got wrong



Lucy and Desi is a story of love, triumph and creativity between two of comedy’s most brilliant minds.

The Amazon Original documentary film Lucy and Desi will be released on the streaming service on March 4, 2022.

After having watched Be the Ricardos and being very disappointed in what Aaron Sorkin did on so many levels, I was so excited to explore what director Amy Poehler would bring to the table with Lucy and Desi.

How often do you watch a documentary and see a director take the focus away from the main story and focus on the people talking about the story or themselves? I can’t stand directors taking those liberties on yesterday’s captions, and I don’t like it when people talking try to care either. However, it was one of the first things Poehler did well. She has left Lucy and Desi be the stars and tell most of the story in their own words.

You see, when we were working, we were happy. – Lucille Boule

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz were two people long before their time. We learned early on that i love lucy was never going to be Lucy and Desi because the studios wanted a modern American family. So when they faced obstacles placed in front of them, they got creative. So instead of giving in to the studios, they created Desilu Productions, which created shows like I love Lucy, the untouchable, and star trek.

Like everything in Hollywood, success comes at a price. Both invested their hearts and souls in everything they did to the point that it consumed them, their relationship, and everything around them. Lucy and Desi loved each other and you hear it over and over again throughout this film, but sometimes love just isn’t enough.

I’m not sure there’s a better person to tell this story than Amy Poehler. She understood what she had and I can’t thank her enough for telling us this story like she did. The way she used these tapes to bring these two incredibly talented people to life in such a personal way was beautiful. We could have heard so many people, but we heard it from them instead.

i love lucy was an integral part of my childhood. So reliving these fantastic memories of these two important people and hearing stories of their struggles and what they overcame to make this history brought tears to my eyes. I loved Lucy and Desi and after watching this documentary, I love them even more.

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