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Of all the tools that we can have in the kitchen, one of the most useful is undoubtedly the blender glass. With it we can make endless different preparations, making it a fairly versatile tool that doesn’t even take up much space. If you’ve been thinking about buying one for some time, today we’re going to make it easy for you with our selection: one in which we have focused more than ever on the best quality/price ratio. Bringing you the best (and most complete) home model. objective.

Things to keep in mind when buying mixing glasses

Here are the criteria you should keep in mind if you are looking for and capturing a mixer glass:

  • Power: It is a key feature to have enough power to mix food properly. Always check it, it is recommended that it is equal to or greater than 500W.

  • bowl capacity: Keep in mind how many of you are at home so that the size of the glass (and therefore the amount of food you put in) is not reduced.

  • pattern: It will be an appliance that you will always see in the kitchen, so make sure that its design reassures you and even that it matches the style of the room.

Best model available on Amazon

Considering at least the three qualities mentioned above, these are the most interesting models currently available on Amazon Mexico:

Black & Decker BL1000BG. Photo: Amazon

Amazon bestseller storefronts are popping up, and with good reason. Its comprehensive features and price make it an excellent model. It has 10 different types of liquefied and crushed, 1.25 liter capacity and 550W power so you don’t have to worry about biting snowflakes.

Black + Decker Digital Pulverix.  Photo: Amazon

Black + Decker Digital Pulverix. Photo: Amazon

Another mixer from Black + Decker that is characterized by its extreme power and reliability. It has 3 preset speeds and two automatic modes, so you can customize the sauce or smoothie you need. Its glass is 1.5 liters, but it also has a smaller 500ml glass for a quick shake for one.

T-fal Infinityforce XL.  Photo: Amazon

T-fal Infinityforce XL. Photo: Amazon

If you are looking for a blender with which you can make a large batch of smoothies to feed a decent army at home, this T-fal model is exactly what you are looking for. With a capacity of 2.2 liters and its 10 cutting functions, it is the perfect model for large families.

USB rechargeable blender.  Photo: Amazon

USB rechargeable blender. Photo: Amazon

But if you like to live healthy and can’t live without your freshly squeezed juice after a workout, this portable blender will allow you to prepare fruit juice wherever you want. Its internal battery is responsible for rotating the 4-point 3D blade that it hides inside to make juice in seconds.

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