Megadeth Covers Judas Priest For Mysterious Amazon Project


As fans count the days until Megadeth The sick, the dying… and the dead! album is out on September 2, the metal band has other things to do.

Speaking to Detroit radio station WRIF, Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine recently revealed that the veteran band recorded an as-yet-unknown Judas Priest cover for a too yet unnamed new Amazon project, noting that “they asked us to do it.”

Of course, not too many details yet, but Mustaine talked a bit about the recording process or the cover. “We went to listen to the song and charted the performance,” he explained. “Going into this kind of micromanaging the song, this painstaking production, we started to see a lot of things in the song where it felt like there was no guide for the song.”

He added, “So we did everything like we do for our recordings. And I think it got a little easier with the riffs and stuff.”

Several years ago, Mustaine professed his love for Judas Priest’s album, sad wings of fate on Twitter, so maybe that’s a clue as to what they might have chosen. Just thinking about Megadeth possibly covering “The Ripper” gives us chills.

News of the mystery cover also comes a month after Megadeth and Judas Priest appeared together at Barcelona Rock Fest in July during which Mustaine ripped a ‘piece of shit’ from Priest guitar tech for ‘interrupting’ his set. , as shown in the video on YouTube.

On Friday August 19, Megadeth kicked off their final tour with Five Finger Death Punch. Megadeth wouldn’t play any new songs from The sick, the dying… and the dead!however, according to Three of the album’s new tracks have been released so far – “Soldier On!” “We’ll be back” and “Night Stalkers”. During the show, the band stuck to the classics, playing three tracks from the 1990s classic Rust in peace.

Get tickets to see Megadeth with Five Finger Death Punch here.

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