Mr. Darby’s Emporium at Boardman sells props to Amazon, Paramount and Netflix


BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) — Props are essential in any movie or TV show. Thousands or even millions of them may be on a set at any given time.

Some of these props from your favorite shows may be from a Boardman store. Throughout their 10 years in business, Mr. Darby’s Emporium has sold thousands of items to production companies which have been used in television and film.

“It all started a few years ago when we were approached and they were doing a movie called ‘Fences’ with Denzel Washington,” owner Robert Napolitan said.

He said that since then, other production houses have come knocking on the door, looking for unique props.

“We worked with Netflix, Amazon and now we just did Paramount Studios for the first time,” Napolitan said.

He said his props have appeared on the shows “Mindhunter” and the short story “A League of Their Own.”

The second season of “Mayor of Kingstown” will feature some of his props.

“They needed some bar-themed items. They have an Irish pub, they have a cop themed bar and a hunter bar,” Napolitan said.

A Saturday Night Live crew once made an overnight trip to bring a mid-century fireplace back to New York City in time for the show.

“They left at 3 a.m., got here first thing in the morning, and had it on Saturday Night Live that night,” Napolitan said.

Napolitan said he thought news of his shop was spreading among the set designer community.

“We kind of have a niche with a lot of set designers,” he said. “They can find things that they can’t find in these big markets.”


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