New Addition to ‘The Rings of Powers’ Leaves Fans Totally Charmed


Photo via Prime Video

Prime Video The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power introduced us to many other beloved Tolkien characters, and added a few more as well.

The deal Amazon made with Tolkien’s estate meant they could only work with snippets of what the author had written in The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit, including appendices. Because of this somewhat limiting factor, new faces have been created to flesh out the stories, and as worried as fans are, many agree that many of them won over the doubters.

In power rings, finally we meet dwarven women, mostly in the form of Princess Disa, wife of Prince Durin IV. Although much fairer than many imagined of the breed, she has all the same traits as her male counterparts; proud, strong and warm. Played by Sophia Nomvete, Disa is a motherly and friendly character, though you just know she can be just as fierce when needed.

So far, she’s made quite an impression on everyone who meets her, from her husband to her elf friend Elrond, who she seems to have a soft spot for after pushing Durin to forgive the elf for his transgressions. Audiences found themselves drawn to the character through the actress’ talent, with many describing her screen presence as magnetic.

More recently, she sang “Plea to the Rocks” in episode four captivated many. Nomvete actually sang for it, his voice soaring and resonating with the rocks in one of the show’s most emotional scenes to date. Even the long-lived Lord Elrond was shaken by her voice.

Fans share their love on one of the most heartwarming rings of power son so far, with OP starting things off by stating that the sight of the dwarf on screen brings a smile.

Many describe the character as charming, which makes it seem like he sums her up just fine, but don’t push it.

This user feels like her performance has the biggest dimension of any series so far.

And how not to underline this magnificent voice!

For many, like this fan, the motherly attitude even towards Elrond who is centuries older than her is so sweet to see. The actress herself is also highly regarded.

Fans are happy to praise the actress for what she brings to the table.

Many love his relationship with Durin, but wonder when will we see dwarf children!

This fan feels like the show could revolve around just that plotline, and it would still be great fun to watch.

It’s great to see a new character receive so much love from fans after many were skeptical of what these additions would add to Tolkien’s already crowded world. Fans can’t wait to see more of Disa in future episodes of the series, which air every Friday on Prime Video.


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