New Amazon Kindle (2022) price, screen, features and what’s new


Amazon’s new Kindle for 2022 has a few upgrades over its 2019 predecessor, making it a tempting alternative for anyone in the market for a new eReader.

This latest entry in Amazon’s eReader range is an update to the company’s lowest-end device. It’s aimed at people who want an affordable Kindle without all the bells and whistles – by which we mean, fancy features – of the Paperwhite or Oasis alternatives.

You can’t buy the new Amazon Kindle (2022) yet, but it’s available for pre-order in select regions. This article will walk you through everything important about the device, to guide you until we’ve run our tests for a full review.

Amazon Kindle Release Date and Price (2022)

In the United States, Amazon’s Kindle went up for pre-order on September 13, although no final release date was specified. We have not received any dates for the other regions.

Going by the release of the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite from 2021, it’s not the end of the world – it had a similar launch, although the e-reader was pre-ordered in other regions before it went on sale .

The gadget costs $99.99 in the US and £84.99, and we’ll likely see pricing in other countries when it’s ready to pre-order there.

Amazon Kindle (2022)

(Image credit: Amazon)

For context, the latest Kindle model costs £69.99 / $89.99 / AU$139, so the new model is touch priced in the US, and could be in other regions as well.

Design and display of the Amazon Kindle (2022)

In terms of design, Amazon’s new Kindle looks a lot like the last version from three years ago.

That means it’s a plastic block with a screen on the front and a port and a single button on the bottom edge. Amazon made the move to USB-C from micro-USB for the port, which means faster charging.

The color options for this version are blue, replacing the white option from before, and black.

Thanks to the plastic frame, the entry-level Kindle is lighter than the high-end Oasis. The plastic is also quite durable, although it doesn’t feel quite as premium in the hand.

As on the last-gen version, the screen measures 6 inches diagonally – frankly, that’s probably enough for most people. A nice upgrade is a resolution of 300ppi (pixels per inch) over 167 in the latest version. This extra sharpness should be useful for images and illustrations.

Amazon Kindle (2022) Features

Amazon Kindle (2022)

(Image credit: Amazon)

As with all Amazon Kindle e-readers, the entry-level 2022 model comes with the company’s proprietary software, which provides easy access to your Kindle library and store – after all, those are the main things you you will use on the device.

Although locked to Amazon’s services, the software can be surprisingly open. For example, you can send PDFs to your Kindle to read.

Amazon’s subscription services may provide you with additional features. Prime Reading, available to all Prime subscribers, gives you free access to a curated library of classics and newer works, and you can download 10 books at a time. Kindle Unlimited supercharges that, giving you access to a huge library, although it costs extra. You can check out our Kindle Unlimited review to see if it’s worth it.

Both ComiXology and Audible give you additional ways to use your eReader – the former is for comics and the latter is for audiobooks.

Most of these services have free trials, so you can see if they’re right for you before you commit financially.

Amazon Kindle Performance and Specs (2022)

Amazon Kindle (2022)

(Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon says the new Kindle will have a six-week battery life. While it’s unclear how much usage you’ll get in those six weeks – whether it’s daily reading or one short story per week – the company is pitching it as an upgrade over on drums in the latest generation version.

For context, we found that one hour of reading per day got us through two weeks of use for the previous device, so hopefully we’ll get more this time around. We’ll have to test the device to find out for sure.

As we mentioned, the USB-C port means charging will be faster. A bonus will be that you probably already have a charger that will work on the device – USB-C is the modern charging standard, and most smartphones, tablets, headphones and other gadgets use it.

Another upgrade is that the storage space for the default Kindle has increased. While it was 8GB before, the 2022 model has 16GB, giving you more space for your books.


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