New MagSafe wallet from Cyrill, an affordable and attractive solution


Today we are reviewing the latest Cyrill Kajuk MagSafe Wallet. For those unfamiliar, Cyrill offers much of the same build quality and affordable pricing on its iPhone cases and accessories as its sister brand Spigen – one of the most popular options among consumers and consumers alike. 9 to 5 readers in the price range. We introduced Cyrill’s new collection of iPhone 14 cases in September, along with previous generation case options. Coming away impressed last year made us want to take a closer look at its latest MagSafe wallet known as Kajuk, and you’ll find all of our impressions below as part of the latest Tested with 9to5toys characteristic.

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Handy with the Cyrill Kajuk MagSafe Wallet

The Cyrill Kajuk MagSafe Wallet is a simple and accurate solution for people looking to magnetically attach some of their most important cards to their most important EDC item. It’s compatible with all iPhone 14 series devices, and just like the rest of the MagSafe gear, it will also work with Apple’s older iPhone 12 and 13 handsets.

The Kajuk is made from vegan leather and is designed to hold your two cards (you can have three, but it’s a tight fit). It provides a secure magnetic connection to your device and also includes a safety strap in case something or someone drops the wallet from your device, leaving it hanging from your handset rather than the floor and potentially gone forever .

It also includes a set of little card handle stickers that you can apply to your bank cards and IDs for easy removal – I was unwilling to stick things on my credit card and I could get them in and out of the wallet just fine without them, but they’re there if you need them.

The Cyrill Kajuk MagSafe Wallet is available in black and cream with an MSRP of $33. However, they are readily available on the brand’s official Amazon storefront from $26 shipped.

Here is an overview of the data sheet:

  • Sleek vegan leather design designed to hold up to 2 cards.
  • Are you worried that the wallet will fall out? Use our wallet tag to secretly attach it to your case so you never lose your wallet.
  • Strong magnet inserted inside the wallet for secure attachment to your MagSafe phone case.
  • 5 card handle stickers included to help you remove your card more easily.
  • Designed for all MagSafe devices

Taken from 9to5Toys

The Cyrill Kajuk MagSafe Wallet actually exceeds its pay grade for me. I’ve had a chance to test more than several models over the years, and there’s just something about them that seems like it should be closer to $30 or $40 as opposed to the $26 you can score them for.

The animal-friendly vegan leather (PU leather to be exact) actually looks more like the real thing with the Kajuk. It has the usual plastic feel that you’ll find with most PU leather accessories, but in this case much less – there’s a sort of slightly tumbled texture that makes it look more like real leather to my hands than some of competition there.

The card slot panel is attached to the magnetic back with visible stitching which adds some aesthetic interest to the design for me while the back and the small Cyrill logo-adorned opening have a soft suede vibe. The back fabric clearly won’t be visible when glued to the back of your MagSafe device, but it’s good to know that there’s plush material pressed against the expensive iPhone 14 while the front opening ( which doubles as a space finger to help coax your cards) delightfully breaks up the all-PU leather visual.

Functionally, the Cyrill Kajuk MagSafe Wallet does what it says, easily carrying up to three bank cards or traditional ID cards (more like two comfortably) with the aforementioned convenient opening on the bottom for getting them in and out more easily.

You may also have noticed the strap hanging off the bottom of the wallet – it’s a coincidence for me. It’s used to pass through the charging port opening at the bottom of your case, sitting between the back of the case and your phone with a rubberized tab as a sort of extra security mechanism in case the magnetic connection breaks. broken for one reason or another. It’s a neat idea and works in practice, I don’t particularly like the idea or the look of the strap wrapped around the bottom of my case. That said, it’s a much better compromise than accidentally losing your credit card and/or ID because the MagSafe wallet is dropped in a mob or otherwise and you can still store it behind the wallet.

Ultimately, the Cyrill Kajuk MagSafe Wallet presents a clean and solid solution for people looking to introduce a magnetic wallet to their iPhone 12, 13 or 14 device. There are no bells and whistles or whatever. it’s in the tech/innovation department to write home about, but it’s an affordable option that looks and feels better than it should for the price, while coming from a brand with a pedigree that you can trust in the price range.

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