Next Morning: Senator Tells Elon Musk: ‘Fix Your Businesses’


Massachusetts Sen. Ed Markey berated Elon Musk on Sunday after the billionaire’s flippant response to a request for information about Twitter’s new verification policies. “Maybe it’s because your real account sounds like a parody?” Musk tweeted Sunday morning after Markey criticized the company’s new $8-a-month Twitter Blue subscription.

Senator Markey replied, “One of your companies is subject to an FTC consent decree. Auto safety watchdog NHTSA is investigating another for killing people. And you spend your time looking for fights online.” He said, “Fix your businesses. Or Congress will.

Twitter suspended its new paid account verification less than two days after its launch. His Trolls were able to impersonate celebrities, politicians and brands, . One of them managed to grab stock from the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly, claiming that the company would offer insulin for free. Another said Lockheed Martin was reassessing its military contracts with countries and territories with poor human rights records.

It’s only Monday, but it’s already shaping up to be another drama-filled week on Twitter. Already registered on Mastodon? Let me know. . For the moment.

– Matt Smith

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magic jump

Magic Leap’s glasses were supposed to usher us into the era of augmented reality. But despite raising nearly $2 billion by 2020, that hasn’t quite happened. Like Google Glass before it, Magic Leap felt like a false start. But the company is not yet dead. With a new CEO on board – former Microsoft executive Peggy Johnson – he’s aiming for something much more practical: augmented reality for the enterprise. It’s a retread of the HoloLens playbook, sure, but according to Devindra Hardawar, after the endless drumbeat of metaverse (mostly Meta) hype, it’s nice to be genuinely surprised by a new headset. Read on for his impressions.

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It was after the massive layoffs.

Meta is halting development of its smart displays and nascent smartwatch project, according to Reuters. Company executives reportedly told employees – those who remained after mass layoffs that saw 11,000 people lose their jobs – that it would end work on Portal devices. Information reported in June that the portal accounted for less than one percent of the global smart screen market. Meta has yet to release a smartwatch, although there have been several reports and leaks over the years. Well, we’ll never see it.

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It’s streaming now.



Studio Ghibli recently tweeted out a teaser video showing off both its logo and Lucasfilm’s, along with a photo of a Grogu figurine. We now know what these messages refer to. Together, the two companies created a short film, hand-drawn by Studio Ghibli. Better yet – you can stream it right now.

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Our favorite living room piece of art.



Samsung’s The Frame TV series came out in 2017. Engadget’s Amy Skorheim bought a 43-inch model in 2019 and is a huge fan. The picture is bright, the sound is clear and its Tizen operating system is easy to understand – but it paid over $800 for it. But The Frame does a great job of looking like art hanging on her wall. The slim panel has picture frame edges and mounts flat against the wall like a giant picture. The panel connects via thin wire to an external receiver/port hub/tuner combo, helping to maintain the illusion of a work of art, not a TV panel.

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