No plan for 2-hour Amazon delivery in SWFL – at least not yet



A new Amazon sorting facility has been opened in southwest Florida. But does that mean your orders will get to your door faster?

In some cities, Amazon already offers free same-day delivery and two-hour grocery delivery. But is this something that SWFL buyers can prepare for?

After seeing a job posting for the new facility, WINK News asked Amazon if this would be the case. This announcement was for a “super fast” delivery service (two hours or less). An Amazon representative then told WINK news that the job posting was “misleading.” Currently, there is no plan for the two-hour delivery service in Southwest Florida.

Donna Anderson is not a fan of online shopping but especially not of groceries. “I’m picky. I definitely don’t want anyone else to choose my products. I cook. I would love to see what there is to see,” Anderson said. “And some days some things have Looks good, or it’s a good deal. And that’s… I don’t want, I don’t want anyone else to make that choice for me.

For Anne Styles, having her groceries delivered is the best thing since sliced ​​bread. “Excellent. Could Amazon do better? I’m thrilled. Absolutely. It’s wonderful. I love whole foods. I love Amazon,” Styles said.

“Well, thank you, Amazon, and thank you, America,” Styles said.

Whether you are a fan of the new installation or not, it is here to stay. And, on Monday, it was hoped that Amazon would offer its delivery service in two hours. On Monday, on Amazon’s hiring website, a job posting was listed for Amazon’s new facility in Lee County.

The job posting states that the employee will pack and ship the items for the two hour or less delivery service. However, on Tuesday afternoon, Amazon said it was not likely.

This news has no impact on Anderson at all. Even if she forgets the potatoes before Thanksgiving dinner, she won’t buy them online. “I would never do that. I am a “plan ahead” person. I have three lists when I buy to avoid this kind of madness, ”Anderson said.

Due to her planning, she says she would never forget her potatoes to begin with. “No, I wouldn’t. I have potatoes in my bag right now.

However, for many in Southwest Florida, this affects them considerably. Especially during the pandemic, many people depended on deliveries from Amazon, especially for their groceries. Amazon has admitted it will expand its two-hour delivery to Tampa and throughout Broward County. But for us in Southwest Florida, we’ll just have to wait.

To apply for other positions in the new Amazon site, you can go to their website.


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