Nuk bottles sold on Amazon have been recalled with high lead levels


A baby bottle manufacturer has recalled a product sold exclusively on Amazon due to its high lead content.

Last week, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced that NUK baby bottles were being recalled because markings on the outside of some bottles contained lead with levels above the federal limit.

“The markings on the outside of the bottles contain lead levels that exceed the federal lead content ban. Lead is toxic if ingested by young children and can cause harmful health problems,” announcing the CPSC on their website.

The agency noted that 100 units of the bottle have been sold in the United States, with 77 purchased in Canada. The purchases took place over a four-year period between January 2018 and May 2022, and the product cost consumers around $20 apiece.

The agency states that the product was made exclusively for the UK consumer market and was not intended for sale in the United States. The product was originally designed for use by newborns up to 6 month old babies.

“The glass bottles have a latex teat intended for 0-6 months in a 240ml size,” the CPSC said. “The NUK brand name is in white letters, a graduated volume scale in white markings, and white and gray stars are on the outside of the bottle. Only the NUK branded glass baby bottles described above which have been manufactured for the UK market are included in this recall.

Nuk bottles
Nuk baby bottles were recalled for high amounts of lead.

The agency urged customers to contact NUK, a Germanbased company, for information on how to return the item and receive a full refund. Amazon seller Astir Care is also reaching out to customers to return the product. re

NUK can be contacted toll free at 888-685-1238 during normal business hours Monday through Friday. More information can be found on the company’s website under the “recall” page.

The CPSC noted that no injuries or incidents occurred due to the lead levels.


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