NYC Activists File Lawsuit to Stop Sellers on Amazon


Roommates, many of us go to Amazon to buy various items because of fast shipping and low prices. However, activists in New York are denouncing the company for allowing shopkeepers to sell what they call racist paraphernalia. According to News 12BX, on February 28, Crisis Action Center activists were outraged and demanded the company stop selling “White Privilege Card – Trumps Everything” cards. Cards that look like a credit card indicate that membership is valid from birth until death.

The cards are sold in five-, 10-, and 15-pack variations and are labeled as gag giveaways with five-star reviews. Several merchants sell the card. One of Seller Brand QASW’s Amazon reviews states, “My husband loves to take this card out EVERYWHERE he goes. And EVERYONE loves it! All kinds of people. Everyone wants to know where to get them. And that always opens up the conversation about the attitude/opinion of the current administration.

The review continued: “No one believes him. America is a country of mixed peoples. And every person we engage showing this card says the same with lots of laughs! It’s unbelievable for a country that is supposed to be racist. We haven’t met a single person yet, that is.

The activists also filed a complaint with the New York City Commission on Human Rights. One of the activists featured in the News 12 BX report had a lot to say about racist cards. “Amazon shouldn’t be selling something like this. They should sell black history. They say if you buy this card you get a special privilege. No one is privileged in this country. We are all equal. The man also said that they will continue to fight until the cards are no longer sold.

At this time, Amazon has not responded to the cards.

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