Orphan: First Kill – 9 things you know so far about the sequel movie


Thirteen years later and Orphan finally gets a sequel. The trailer for Orphan: first murder was released on YouTube on July 13, 2022, bringing back much of what made the first film a surprise hit. Based on the comments so far on the YouTube trailer, many viewers are excited to see this new movie involving the creepy and murderous “orphan” Esther.

Considering the love the first film received, it’s only natural to see the hype the new movie is currently enjoying. Ever since viewers got a glimpse, curiosity for what’s to come is in full swing. Although there is still a lot of mystery surrounding the film, some questions from viewers have been answered or implied by what has been shown so far.


9 Isabelle Fuhrman returns to play the role of Esther

Although some viewers didn’t like the ending of the first movie, the movie gained enough popularity that people wanted to see more, and one thing that became apparent is that this sequel is a prequel. Audience members will see where it all started or where it became painfully obvious to anyone around her that Esther is not what she seems. They will also see the return of actress Isabelle Fuhrman as Esther.

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When Isabelle Fuhrman first played Esther in the first film, she was 12 years old. Now 25, she will return to play the young girl. Due to the time between films, audience members asked how they would pull this off using the same actress. The producers discussed how they managed to age Fuhrman through digital editing and using the traditional method of using makeup, which will see the actress return and continue to rock the evil look. of little girl.

8 The plot that has been revealed so far

Orphan is a simple but effective horror movie, and the trailer for this new film seems to bring back the same vibe. The trailer shows evidence that “Esther” got into trouble with the law. It’s unclear whether or not this is a crime she’s committed before, but from what’s been shown, it appears law enforcement has files on her.

The film’s plot centers on Tricia and Allen Albright, who are contacted by law enforcement officials telling them that their missing daughter has been found and the family is reunited. The family later takes Esther to a child therapist to help her through her trauma. Later, the mother begins to pick up on clues that Esther is not who she claims to be, and like in the first film, the father is either ignorant or in denial. Needless to say, things won’t go smoothly for the family, who will be traumatized by the end of the film.

seven Leaked scenes show insight into Esther’s past

It is not uncommon for certain scenes to be leaked from a movie, and Orphan: first murder is no exception. These leaks have also been very helpful in giving viewers a glimpse of what’s to come.

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“Esther” has a long history, about which the public does not know much. However, on YouTube, a few small clips and snippets were found surrounding the film, especially Esther’s questionable story. For example, one scene that was leaked shows a scene where Esther talks to two women and shows her violent and aggressive side (beware, the clip on YouTube has foul language).

6 Orphan is inspired by real events

The 2009 film draws heavily from the story of Barbora Skrlova. The prequel, however, seems to be inspired by a surprisingly similar real-life event.

The case dates back to 1994 when a boy in Texas had been missing for three years until the parents received a call from the police saying their lost son was in France. Some things were wrong with their “son” during the five months he lived with them, so the family hired a private investigator who would reveal their 16-year-old “son” was a 23-year-old Frenchman who had seen the posters and decided to impersonate the teenager. This was not the individual’s first identity theft crime, as after serving six years in prison, he posed as three other teenage orphans.

5 Leaked Scene Shows Esther’s Artistic Skills

The first film showed that Esther liked to draw and paint, and not all of them were suitable for children either. The newly leaked clip shows that at first she had a knack for it and was just as evil.

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Esther shows off her skills in a very disturbing way in the clip. The flashing red lights give the impression of an emergency in the facility, and a woman decided to approach Esther in this setting while Esther was drawing. Luckily, she was pulled away from the precarious situation by what appeared to be doctors trying to calm Esther down.

4 Esther has creative methods to disturb her mother

Esther seems to have a soft spot for men who take her in, especially married men. Why she does this has yet to be explained, but she seems to enjoy tormenting and making the woman’s life absolutely miserable.

According to another leaked clip, audiences can see one of the many ways Esther plans to torment her “mother” with it. It is also shown that any type of rodent is also not immune to Esther. So when smoothies and rodents are involved, the two aren’t the best combination in many ways.

3 Esther’s family may find out the truth sooner in the prequel

Esther is one of those villains who deservedly deserved a prequel due to the popularity of the first movie. Her manipulation, charm and brutal ways told how far she would go to get what she wanted by isolating a still grieving mother from her family. But based on two recent clips, it seems like it’s harder the first time around.

An official clip released by IGN shows Esther trying to kill her mother by trying to push her in front of a moving train. The leaked scene is a continuation of the official clip and shows that the mother and her son are aware that Esther is a violent young girl and not who she appears to be. However, there is still the mystery of how long it took them to realize this.

2 Fire and the probability of survival

The infamous fire mentioned in the previous film makes an appearance in the second film, and viewers love that it’s included. But now there are lingering questions about what lies ahead.

In the trailer, the fire was shown, showing Esther walking through the house as it burns past a photo of the family. It was noted that the family died in the fire. However, things could have been changed or specific details left out in the first movie given that it also had an alternate ending planned, so maybe there are plans that didn’t happen in the first than the second might have. But at least there’s some good information out there to get viewers excited to see the movie.

1 Release date and where to watch

As the family struggles, it looks like it will be a much more difficult situation Esther encounters that will later teach her what mistakes to avoid in the future. Luckily for fans, the movie is fast approaching!

The Rated R movie release date is August 19, 2022, and it will be available in theaters and to stream on Paramount+. It can also be viewed on Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV, with the option to add it to other streaming services later.

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