Our commercial editor loves this organized entryway shelf


As hard as I try, I’m not a person who is often on time. Anyway, I always feel like I’m straining to remember everything I need to take with me before I go out, and more often than not I forget something and have to go back . This recipe for delays recently came to a screeching halt, thanks to my new favorite Amazon purchase.

The Greenco Entryway Shelf is a relatively small but undoubtedly powerful organization station that allows me to keep all my necessities that I can’t leave home without in one tidy place. The shelf has a sort of pocket deep enough to hold things like outgoing mail, my sunglasses and a few rolls of my dog’s waste bags with room to spare. Also, the brand says the shelf can hold 15 pounds, so I’m confident in its durability.

There’s a raised shelf next to it where I usually place my wallet and a travel water bottle, and three hooks underneath that are each dedicated to me, my husband, and our pup. These hooks hold keys, face masks, a dog leash, and in the colder months they’re also strong enough to hold a coat.


To buy: $27 with coupon (instead of $30); amazon.com.

Hanging hardware and instructions are included with the shelf, which allowed me to mount it to the wall on its own in just a few minutes, and it arrived in one solid piece with nothing to assemble.

Living in an apartment in New York means I don’t have a home, but having this organization aid makes my door feel like a dedicated space to decompress after a long day and get rid of everything. what I needed outside. At 24 inches long, it’s not obtrusive on my wall, and the white finish makes it blend seamlessly into my overall aesthetic.

The shelf usually sells on Amazon for $30, but now there’s a clickable coupon that instantly removes $3 from the price, making this affordable and functional piece of decor even more appealing. A buyer who bought the shelf agrees that it is “very solid, does not wobble or move at all” and another buyer echoed that it is “perfect” for their entryway and offers them a space to “always know” where their essentials are.

Make your entryway an organized and efficient sanctuary by ordering the Greenco Entryway Shelf from Amazon today while the coupon is still available.


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