Paid Psychology Research Study – Get Free Flu Shot and $ 40


Participants needed a study examining the effects of the immune system on social perception in the workplace. People’s immune systems are activated when they are sick or undergoing a stressor, and recent research suggests that it affects people’s social behavior as well. Because people often have to make important decisions about hiring and promotions when they’re sick or under stress, it’s important to understand how the immune system affects people’s thinking about others. In this study, researchers are looking for participants who will receive the flu shot to temporarily activate their immune systems. Anyone between the ages of 18 and 40 is potentially eligible. People who have had the flu shot since August 2020 are not eligible. People who have had allergic reactions or unwanted side effects from the flu shot or other vaccines in the past should not participate in the study. People who have been diagnosed with conditions that suppress the functioning of their immune system should not participate in the study. All participants will go through a telephone screening to verify their eligibility. Participants will be vaccinated at the UAMS-NorthWest clinic in Fayetteville — half of the participants will be vaccinated against influenza and the other half will be vaccinated with salt water but no vaccine or medication (these participants will receive the flu shot. influenza vaccine at the end of the study). The next day, participants will complete a Zoom session with a researcher that will not last more than an hour and a half. During this session, participants will complete tasks and questionnaires on social perception, the way people perceive others. Participants will also be invited to give their impression of the different social interactions. All participants will receive a free flu shot as well as a $ 40 gift card to Amazon or Walmart for participation. If you are interested and want more information, please visit


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