Pokemon Nintendo Switch games are getting deep discounts at Amazon


If you’re new to the Nintendo Switch or have missed out on some of the Pokemon games that have come out over the past few years, now’s your chance to grab them for cheap on Amazon. Pokemon Shiny Diamond and Shiny Pearl and Pokémon Sword and Shield are on sale for $40 each. These are brand-new copies with free Prime shipping, so you’ll be playing within days. It’s rare to see Pokemon games on sale for $40 – even during the holidays – so it’s possible these deals will sell out quickly.

The Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl deal is particularly noteworthy given the remakes of Pokemon Gen 4 games that just released last holiday. While we’ve seen $10 discounts here and there, this is the first time we’ve been able to recall brand new copies for $40 – which is often the lowest price you’ll find Switch exclusives for when shopping. they are on sale.

The adorable remakes scored a 7/10 in our Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl review. For fans of the traditional Pokémon journey, the remakes are deliciously nostalgic. Meanwhile, Pokemon Sword and Shield has moved the franchise forward in interesting ways with a world that offers more freedom than its predecessors as well as live service elements and DLC campaigns that have given trainers a reason to come back for more. of adventures.

It’s been a busy year for Pokemon thanks to the release of Pokemon Legends: Arceus a few months ago and the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the next pair of mainline Pokemon games that will usher in a new generation for the series. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet pre-orders are available now, and if you’re interested in Arceus, you can save 10% off your order at Walmart right now.

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