Review: It’s the calm before the storm in Amazon Prime Season 1 Episode 7 “I Know What You Did Last Summer” “If Only Dogs Could Talk”


Review: It's the calm before the storm in episode 7 of Amazon Prime season 1

It’s the penultimate episode of the series and they’ve just made up their minds to feature the best character, and the eponymous silent dog: Cheeto. Although he only spent less than a minute onscreen, it’s clear that he should have been the main character all this time.

But more seriously, although about a third of the episode is a happy montage where the remaining trio dance and have fun while Margot (Brianne Tju, Light as a feather) tries not to sound so jealous of Dylan (Ezekiel Goodman, Rat bastard) and Allison’s † (Madison Iseman, Annabelle comes home) closeness as it really is, this episode has enough plot and content development for two episodes, although it manages to put everything together without feeling too rushed, although it has to be recognized that even some events occurred offscreen and were either referenced in the dialogue or implied as occurring just before the current scene, such as Allison † explaining the entire stalker situation to Bruce (Bill Heck, Lock & Key) to give him information about Riley (Ashley Moore, Popstar: Never stop, never stop).

Speaking of which, the entire first part of the episode can be summed up like this:

As Margot takes on the role of the conspiracy theorist, the rest of the town does the same by gathering, first with guns and fury in a veritable angry mob – if only Doug had been alive for the see – then as a research team, with Lyla (Fiona René, Stumptown) and Bruce trying to keep the peace.

While this section was over after a few drone hits, there were still some great moments, like Lyla needing to talk to her shotgun-wielding mom to lead the crowd, Kelly (Chrissie Fit, Perfect location 2) accurately describing Riley as “the sweetest fucking thing you’ve ever met”, and Lyla admitting her mistake of not taking Courtney (Cassie Beck, Link…) seriously and feel guilty about it, because that is the correct answer.

It was also great to finally hear from the dead mother of the twins at last, as it gave a new perspective to the scene from the first episode when Lennon told Allison that their mother didn’t love them, which they recalled. ; rather than being a cruel stab to Lennon’s heart, it was she who was trying to make her sister aware of the truth that she should have been told from the start.

Margot’s reaction to the news was also wonderful to see, not just because the scene started with her asking Allison † where the red ribbon in her crime picture was, thus proving that she was channeling her inner Charlie Kelly. of It’s always nice in Philadelphia– but because she showed the right amount of care and attention without treating Allison † so fragile that she pushes her away; if anything, she just seemed a little too tacky again, but considering everything that happened, that’s understandable.

But none of this lasted long as soon after, Allison † went to see Bruce to let him know everything that was going on, which led them to find Riley and Clara (Brooke Bloom, The fisherman) in the cave.

While he also explained all the promotional material and stills of the honey-covered characters, the shots of Riley’s posed and honey-covered body were hauntingly beautiful, as she looked like an otherworldly deity; a stark contrast to Clara who was slumped in the corner, which was the first indication that the theory that Clara was choking on honey after posing Riley was wrong.

It should be noted that while it was never shown or explicitly stated what Dylan did when he saw Clara in the cave, he certainly gave enough clues to infer that he was the one who killed Clara and, quite possibly, posed Riley to make her look as ethereal as she was.

That doesn’t necessarily mean he wasn’t working with Clara on the other murders, but it does imply that he almost certainly had nothing to do with Riley’s murder, as choking Clara seemed like more of a crime. passionate. rather than part of the plan; unless it was, but he seemed too distraught for that, although nothing was certain.

While his reaction at the end of the episode was justifiable, it’s still important to note that he didn’t seem at all inclined to lie to the girls about what happened; he didn’t quite say “I killed Clara”, but he said “it’s over” and at least hinted that he was the reason.

Either way, with the killer believed to be dead, it was time for communal services for all the victims, which was much more moving than expected and had the potential to cause real tears.

Kelly’s one-sided conversation with Courtney started it all, and it came to nothing, with Kelly vowing to follow her there to help her if the people in Heaven didn’t treat her right.

Then came Margot’s moment with Johnny, which really solidified the fact that, regardless, the two really loved each other and were soul mates, even if it wasn’t romantic in the end; it was only made more moving with Allison † by his side because, while not officially a couple, it showed Margot’s two deep and reciprocal loves as Allison † cares a lot more. of Margot than of Lennon.

While it’s not yet entirely clear if it has anything to do with Riley’s death, the moment Dylan tore her apart was still heartbreaking. It wasn’t until he said, “I will be. Next time, ”a hint of doubt crept in as to whether he had anything to do with it; there’s a 50/50 chance it’s just innocently referring her to her spiritual beliefs, or hinting that this was all part of the plan, but it’s still sad that she must have been hurt.

Regardless, after Margot’s funeral and inpatient therapy, everyone seemed to have fully recovered and moved on, with Allison † and Dylan overcoming their first weeks of stress due to grief and pain. trauma of “Allison’s” death, and Bruce and Lyla could get married. With the city party, it really is the quintessential calm before the storm.

Of course, with everyone’s guards down and trust restored throughout the community, there’s no better time to have things completely derailed.

The greatest moment – more than the very intense push that managed to send Margot completely through her supposedly good quality glass windows, or the three week late arrival of the mother of the twins to confront the husband with whom she was cut off all contact to not let her know the girl she doesn’t care about has passed away – this is the scene where Allison † finally told Dylan the truth about her identity.

There was absolutely no way it had gone well, and it was only due to the period of post-sexual bliss and three weeks of lull that Allison † was able to convince herself that revealing her identity in Dylan would result in something better than her actual reaction. ; if anything, it was rather tame.

Neither of them was more right than the other, as Dylan was right that she shouldn’t blame her mistakes on him, but he also blamed her murders on her although everything was designed by him since , as far as he knew, Allison was dead.

This scene actually recognized a very important aspect of the show that restores previous beliefs that Dylan wasn’t as great as Allison † thought, and it really should have moved on.

As she said, “I’m sorry I’m not the sad girl of your pixie dreams,” which was exactly how Dylan remembered her. He hadn’t been close to her at all by the time of graduation, so he let himself be imagined in a way that elevated her to a status she never actually achieved. , and while he’s right that she’s not a good person considering everything she’s done, he’s in exactly the same boat, and to blame her for all of that is to miss it. ‘essential ; in the end, his actions were his, fueled by his own thoughts.

The most frustrating thing about it is that while Dylan is not wrong to go to the Chief of Police and finally tell the truth about what happened, he is a complete hypocrite not to. do that now.

The boy complained about it for over a year, hurting everyone around him as they tried to mourn the loss of their friends and somehow get on with their lives, but he never went to the police. He reached a point where he actively enjoyed his time with the two remaining friends he had, whom he both hated at the start of the summer because of what had happened. It is only when he realizes the truth and his feelings are hurt that he feels he should go and tell the police the truth, even if he has (probably) killed people; he was okay with continuing down this path until his bubble burst and he had to realize that Allison † was never who he thought she was to start with, even before Lennon died , and he doesn’t know how to handle this in a non-destructive way.

Again, none of this is confirmed in any way. There is no concrete proof that Dylan actually killed Clara, nor that he is going to tell Lyla what happened with Lennon and the truth about Allison †. All we know is that he’s waiting at the train station and for some reason it looks like Margot † knows that Allison † is not who she claims to be.

The least surprising of all is the theory that Margot had known that Allison † had not been Lennon for some time. Whether it was just during the time jump of three weeks or even longer, it wouldn’t be surprising if Margot figured it out and made her peace with it, maybe even convincing herself of the lie, as her relationship with Allison † is generally much better. than she was with Lennon, because Allison † actually seems to care and the relationship is less toxic.

Then again, that too is just speculation, so all that’s really confirmed is that things are about to take a very intense turn in the finale and it’s unclear how it will all end.

Rating: 9/10



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