Review of Goodnight Oppy – an enduring adventure film that captures the human spirit


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good night Oppy is a great adventure film for families because of its educational themes and its ability to capture the appetite of the human spirit for limitless possibilities.

We review the Amazon Prime Video documentary film Goodnight Oppy, released on November 23, 2022.

Rarely can a historical documentary evoke the wonder, imagination and great adventure experienced by those who lived it. The pure spectacle of space travel gives way to timeless tales. Those such as Treasure Island, Moby Dick, in the wild, and The Odyssey. These stories give credence to the human spirit that we were always meant to explore. This is where good night Oppy lend a hand. It shines a light on the innate grit, grit, resolve and tenacity of these NASA men and women. And, of course, the world will never be the same once you see it through the eyes of Oppy and Spirit. And no, it’s not Forrest Gump.

Written and directed by Ryan White (Netflix The gardians and The Case Against 8), good night Oppy tells the story of Mars Rover’s Operation (or “Oppy”) and Spirit, MER-B (Mars Exploration Rover – B). The robots that landed on Mars in 2003 were supposed to let go after 90 sols. (Once converted, this is approximately 92 days). However, the rover survived and explored the Red Planet for almost fifteen years. white and editor Helen Kearns wrote the story. She worked with the exceptional visual effects work of Industrial Light & Magic to recreate the majestic scope of the rover’s pure discovery ride.

Where the documentary film shines is not just its respect for technological achievement, but the program’s ability to harness its own self-discovery. Particularly when it comes to intuition and creativity to think on their feet and outside the box. There’s a terrific scene that keeps Oppy from moving, mostly due to unexpected density on the ground, the equivalent of quicksand. The group’s ability to produce solutions at every turn is as breathtaking as it is inspiring. There are several scenes like this that make perfect viewing for students developing life skills like teamwork and resourcefulness.

good night Oppy is told by Angela Bassette (Black Panther: Wakanda Forever), which brings a bit of gravity to the story. White brings an embarrassment of riches when it comes to stock footage. Provided by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and NASAthe experience takes you to another place, challenging and capturing the imagination of children (and adults) of all ages, combined with Industrial Light and Magic’s beautiful re-enactments of Oppy and Spirit’s treks through the red Martian landscapes in search of the elusive water over miles and miles of dry valleys.

good night Oppy is a great adventure movie for families because of its educational themes about teamwork, positive attitudes, and how looking at the sky truly offers limitless possibilities. An enduring adventure film, heightened by Blake Neely’s evocative score that awakens the most cynical souls and captures the essence of what it means to be human.

Punch your tickets and have the ride of a lifetime (or fifteen years worth).

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