Richard Belzer’s transformation from childhood to law and order SVU


Art can mimic life when it comes to Belzer and Munch’s musings on the Constitution, oversight, politics, and conspiracy theories, but when it comes to the two men’s respective love lives, it’s safe to say. to be wrong that the actor fared much better than his unlucky love interest counterpart. As viewers learn at the start of ‘SVU,’ John Munch has been divorced four times and is on relatively good terms with only one of his ex-wives – Carol Kane’s increasingly paranoid Gwen Munch, who makes an appearance. for the first time in Season 10’s ‘Zebras’.” (via IMDb).

Unlike Munch, Belzer only had two divorces before he married his current wife, actor and producer Harlee McBride, in 1985. The actor married his first wife, Gail Susan Ross, in 1966, and both were married for six years before divorcing in 1972. Belzer and his second wife, Dalia Danoch, were only married for two years, from 1976 to 1978 (via Film Reference).

McBride and Belzer met on a blind date in 1981, and the two married four years later, following the actor’s diagnoses and treatment for testicular cancer. About his experience with the disease, Belzer told People that the “cosmic slap in the face” inspired him to quit his drug use, while McBride told the outlet that the actor and stepfather of her two children from her first marriage (to former actor Garth Benton), “softened her up,” adding that “the marriage also relaxed (Belzer).” To date, the couple have been happily married for 37 years – a longevity John Munch has never come close to.


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