SecurityScorecard makes software procurement faster, easier, and more secure by participating in AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights


Organizations can dramatically reduce vendor security assessment time from months to hours

SecurityScorecard, the global leader in cybersecurity assessments, announced at AWS re:Inforce 2022 that it is making its vendor profile available to Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers to automate and simplify the process of software risk assessment. Security and compliance artifacts from SecurityScorecard are now available as part of AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights.

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“Security professionals are already burdened with risk assessment processes that are too time-consuming and often based on outdated data”

The prevalence of malicious threats and third-party data breaches has prompted companies to increase the rigor of software risk assessments. To ensure supply chain security, organizations need visibility into the ongoing security posture of their suppliers against point-in-time attestation. SecurityScorecard makes it easy to accelerate procurement cycles by providing continuous cyber monitoring and a centralized repository for security and compliance artifacts.

“Transparency and collaboration are cornerstones of SecurityScorecard’s vendor risk management strategy,” said rich alex, Vice President of Alliances at SecurityScorecard. “We believe security is a shared responsibility and we pride ourselves on providing up-to-date security metrics and artifacts to customers on AWS Marketplace. We look forward to working with AWS to increase the value we can deliver to our joint customers. »

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“Security professionals are already burdened with risk assessment processes that take too long and are often based on outdated data,” said Jon Oltsik, principal analyst and ESG fellow. “The ability to significantly shorten the security risk assessment process, while adding up-to-date security data on demand, is critical in today’s ever-changing environment. This ad meets that need.

Safety and compliance information on demand
With AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights, AWS Marketplace customers will have access to the latest security and compliance information on SecurityScorecard that is automatically updated using AWS Audit Manager and ISO/SOC-2 reports . This will help reduce software risk assessment time from months to hours, streamlining the complex third-party software risk assessment process.

“Organizations are looking for software vendors with a validated and strong security history,” said Jason Timmes, general manager, Seller Services, AWS Marketplace. “Vendor Insights helps customers reduce assessment times and eliminates the need for reassessments to improve efficiency. Organizations like SecurityScorecard have demonstrated their commitment to trust and transparency for their customers by implementing Vendor Insights.

“The addition of AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights gives us an immediate green light during our vendor evaluation process,” said Stephen Nemeth, Sr. Manager, Global Security Risk Management, Aflac. “We are excited to have SecurityScorecard and AWS working together because, while one-time assessments are interesting and necessary, we rely on ongoing monitoring capabilities to ensure ongoing vendor security.

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