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the Saturday Night Live opening monologue can be intimidating, but Selena Gomez (Only murders in the building) channeled that energy into a memorable and heartwarming show opener. In just under five minutes, she alluded to advice she had received from co-stars and friends (one being another Disney Channel alum), while noting that she was looking for the love. This was Gomez’s first time hosting SNLalthough she was the musical guest on a 2016 episode hosted by the WWE wrestler Ronda Rousey.

Gomez opened the monologue referencing the advice she received from her “sexy” Only murders co stars Steve Martin and Martin runs. Martin noted that the actress should “trust no one,” while Short said he believed Martin was using her credit card. Martin, a former cast member, later appeared on the show in a skit about American inventors. Gomez, Martin and Short will reunite next month for the second season of Only murders on Hulu. Gomez also described Miley Cyrusin a move she felt was just a ploy to get an impression of Cyrus on the show.


Love became the next topic, with Gomez saying she’s single and “showing love”. She mentioned Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jostthe relationship, Emma Stone meeting her husband on the show and cast member pete davidson and Machine Gun Kelly (the latter being a joke, of course). Cast Members Punkie Johnson, Kyle Mooneyand James Austin Johnson all tried their hand at wooing Gomez, with Johnson getting the most promises by far.

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Gomez also opened up about her tenure in show business, which began when she was seven years old. She made her debut Barney, a fact that has become well known. A quick shot of an adorable Gomez was briefly shown alongside the eponymous purple dinosaur. To close her monologue, she sang the infamous “I love you, you love me”, encouraging the audience to join in.

Only murders is the most important project in which Gomez is currently involved. Earlier this year, she lent her voice to Mavis in the fourth Hotel Transylvania movie for Amazon Prime Video, Hotel Transylvania: Transformania. She also has a cooking series on HBO Max, titled Selena + Chefwhere she tries to imitate the dishes of famous culinary stars like Jose Andres, Nancy Silvertonand Graham Elliot. Some of her other sketches from the evening included one on an Irish play gone horribly wrong, a princess-themed sketch, and a sketch with Bratz dolls coming to life.

The last SNL episode with Gomez and musical guest Post Malone can be streamed on Peacock, in addition to all previous episodes this season. Watch the opening monologue below:

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