SellerApp hosts GoSeller 2022 to prepare sellers for exponential growth on Amazon


SellerApp GoSeller 2022

SellerApp GoSeller 2022 focuses on all aspects of the Amazon sales journey, enabling sellers of all sizes to leverage expert knowledge for their business.

The event was a huge success thanks to the dedicated team who organized an extremely educational forum for e-commerce sellers”

— Arishekar N, Senior Director of Marketing and Growth

SINGAPORE, May 10, 2022 / — At the dawn of the second quarter, SellerApp ( hosted GoSeller 2022 as part of its Knowledge Sharing Webinar Series. This is a forum where industry experts and passionate Amazon maestros come together to unleash the most powerful ideas and strategies on how to successfully navigate selling on Amazon.

The knowledge-rich webinar covered useful concepts for beginners, mid-size and advanced sellers. Topics range from product research to Amazon Advertising, revenue-based growth capital and successful exit options. With advice on the best way to scale your business, the right time to exit, how your business can benefit from advanced analytics, and the best financing options, SellerApp gives you back-to-back powerful sessions.

The success of GoSeller 2022 is attributed to SellerApp’s partnership with:
– AccrueMe presented by Don Henig, co-founder, and Gregory Elfrink, chief marketing officer
– Empire Flippers presented by Gregory Elfrink, Director of Marketing
– Ecom Brokers presented by Ben Leonard, Co-founder
– Hellotax presented by Oliver Müller, IHK Tax Advisor Qualified
– India Sourcing Network sponsored by Meghla Bhardwaj
– Online Seller UK presented by Prabhat Shah, Marketplace Consultant
– Titan Sourcing presented by Kian Golzari, CEO
– Pingpong presented by Ryan Cramer, Partner Marketing Manager

The event was chaired by a total of 10 speakers who are experts in their Amazon selling niches. You can watch all sessions of GoSeller 2022 here.

About SellerApp

SellerApp is the leading one-stop destination for selling on Amazon, comprising over 18,000 global customers worldwide. Founded in 2017, SellerApp is a platform that addresses all crucial parts of Amazon’s sales journey – Scout, Sell, Optimize and Scale. SellerApp’s unique customer proposition combines platform intelligence with management solutions to automate and gain insights for a successful e-commerce business.

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Amazon Product Research & Sourcing: Start Your Amazon Journey – GoSeller 2022


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