Sellers alerted Amazon to its postal holiday blunder


On June 14, sellers noticed that Amazon expected them to ship on a holiday (June 20) despite the fact that the USPS would not accept or deliver mail that day.

This would be a major issue, as failure to ship by Amazon’s deadline would harm a seller’s shipping metrics, which could ultimately lead to account deactivation.

Amazon requires sellers to maintain a Late Shipping Rate (LSR) less than 4% in order to sell on Amazon (The LSR represents orders that are shipped confirmed after the expected ship date as a percentage of total orders, over a 10-day or 30-day period, explains the market .) Obviously, the metric does not apply to FBA orders fulfilled by Amazon.

The original post that started the discussion about the June 19 holiday on the Amazon seller message boards follows:

National Independence Day from June 19 – 06/19/2022


Juneteenth National Independence Day – 06/19/2022, Amazon does not display the 20th as the correct USPS holiday for any USPS shipping or pickup. We cannot ship orders if USPS is closed for National Independence Day observance of June 19th on the 20th. I contacted seller support but they don’t seem to understand, they asked me to change the settings shipping. They don’t understand, what should sellers do for orders that can’t be shipped on the 20th?


Hello from Amazon.

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. Our partner team is working to ensure that Monday, June 20 is properly designated as a USPS holiday and shipping metrics are not affected.

KJ_Amazon (Amazon Forums Moderator)

Hello from Amazon. Thanks to @racingroxstore @ImageAbility @sc2 and everyone who posted details. I have shared this information with our partner teams.

It appears that new orders are showing updated information, while previous orders are still showing June 20 as the shipping deadline and as part of shipping time calculations.

I’m still researching orders, but would like to reiterate that our partner teams are aware of the issue and will work to ensure shipping metrics are not affected by “Ship by June 20” orders. “.

It seemed sellers alerted Amazon in time to fix their system. This weekend, however, we received a drive letter who said her Amazon account was showing a ding for late shipping due to the postal holiday.

We found no other reports of Amazon tips from sellers being penalized by Amazon’s June holiday gaffe. After we replied to the seller with a link to the Amazon chat, she said, “The customer service representative understood the problem, but in the end, even after long waits, he had nothing to offer me. other than Amazon MAY by 2024 recognize June 19 as a federal holiday.”

It wasn’t as if Amazon had originally reduced the June 19 holiday this year – but as screenshot posted on Amazon forums in the April broadcasts, the company had listed it on the actual date – June 19, a Sunday – but had not taken into account the holiday was observed June 20.

Unfortunately, the problem could reappear next year. The screenshot shows the holidays recognized by Amazon for 2023, and Juneteenth is missing.


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