Sellers remain unhappy with Amazon test of UPS forced returns


Amazon is forcing UPS returns on sellers as part of a test, and on Thursday it issued a reminder with details on how to get compensation if it resulted in higher costs.

Amazon currently offers shoppers the ability to select USPS for returns on returns filled out by the seller. As part of a test from September 5 to October 2, 2022, it added the ability for buyers to select UPS for returns.

As we pointed out in August, sellers may request reimbursement for the difference between UPS and USPS shipping costs during testing. As we also noted last month, if Amazon makes this a permanent policy change, it’s unclear whether it would continue to bear the cost of higher UPS shipping.

Amazon wrote on Thursday:

“We understand that UPS shipping may result in a higher price than USPS, and we will refund the price difference for each label created during the experience.

“To request a refund, go to the How to File a Refund Request (SAFE-T) section on the Prepaid Return Label (PRL) Refund Policy in the Seller-Completed Network.”

Sellers again asked Amazon why it couldn’t automatically refund sellers the difference.

A bookseller posted under the ID Kaltenburg commented, “Just want to know why the books that are being returned are being returned via the more expensive option, rather than the media rate I used to ship the books to the customer. I had fun last week…the book only cost $18 to return…for a 1.5 pound book…why so much?who knows…but I lost over $10 on the entire transaction.”

And a record seller posted under the ID Satisfaction_Records commented: “Amazon has (automatically) provided more expensive UPS return labels for LPs (music albums) for at least a year. These return labels, billed to sellers, cost over $2 on average. each as USPS media rates.”

You can find the full post along with the seller’s comments on the discussion forums at Amazon Seller Central.

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