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Funny memes and dance videos aren’t the only things going viral on the internet anymore. It seems like a new product comes into the spotlight every day, whether it’s being recommended by someone with tons of subscribers or gaining traction online because of its unique features. Luckily, you don’t have to scour the entire web to find the latest and greatest items, because Amazon has hosted a “internet-famous“section.

Each article in the section has racked up thousands of perfect ratings and countless rave reviews from shoppers, detailing exactly why each article went viral in the first place. In the mall, you’ll find everything from the popular “Amazon Coat” to this top selling egg cookerbut some of the best items we’ve seen are travel-ready products that won’t break the bank.

It’s not just comfortable clothes that have gone viral. Tons of beauty products and travel gear can also be found in the curated section. If you’re looking for a hydrating face mist to keep your skin hydrated on the go or oversized claw clips to keep your hair out of your face when exploring somewhere new, you’re in luck. Essentials like these Mario Badescu face spray and this pack of four hair clips to be found in the window.

Travel accessories that have gained attention online for having more than one use also made the list. It may look like an average digital alarm clockbut it also doubles as a phone mirror and charger. This acupressure set works to soothe sore muscles and increase circulation at the same time, making it a must-have for recovering from long days of travel.

With so many viral products in one place, it can be hard to know where to start, so we’ve rounded up our favorite travel-ready pieces from section to shop. The best part? Prices start at just $10, and everything on the list can be yours for less than $50 each.

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