Six ways to save at Target every time you shop – from sale days to tax-free weekends


TARGET offers an incredible amount of offers.

While some shoppers don’t mind spending an afternoon browsing, other experts have shared their top tips for saving money without wasting too much time.


There are over 1,900 target sites nationwide

Advice comes from shopping experts at The real deal as well as consumer reviews.

And their advice is timely.

Big box stores have more distractions than ever.

Some Target locations even offer Starbucks, Apple demos, and nail salons.

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With a little strategy, you can find what you need, at the price you’re looking for, in the time you have.

Below are six tips The Sun has completed.

1. Sale days

Try to visit on sale days.

According to The real dealthey usually coincide with Amazon Prime Day.

Last year’s days were held in June and October.

On these days, shoppers can save up to 50% on electronics, apparel, and home decor.

2. Tax-free weekends

Most states offer duty-free shopping weekends to boost sales.

The schedule varies by state, but many hold these weekends during the summer.

Back to school is a particularly popular time.

The real deal has a guide on when your state’s duty free weekend will be.

3. Use the raincheck policy

With Target’s rain check policy, shoppers can get today’s sale price for the next 30-45 days.

The exact time window varies by state.

Although the prize is available for approximately one month, the company’s website states that it “cannot guarantee product availability or hold merchandise.”

4. Check prices while shopping

There’s no doubt bargain hunters already do this, but Amazon’s PriceCheck app helps you determine if you’re getting the best deal.

According to CNET: “Amazon’s free price checker app lets you search almost any item to compare the store’s price with that of other retailers.”

Buyers can check prices in several ways.

They can:

  • Scan the product barcode
  • Take a picture of it
  • Say the product name “Siri” style
  • Type the name

Once shoppers complete any of these steps, the app displays prices from online and offline retailers.

5. Know store hotspots

Reddit user DealerMcDiscount says you can find the best items in three places in each store.

The three hotspots are:

  • Displays at the end of each aisle (sometimes called end caps)
  • Checkout areas
  • rear walls

6. Don’t forget to match prices

According to Target’s Price Match Guarantee, they will match the price if you purchase a qualifying item from Target, then find the identical item for a lower price at:

  • Select online competitors
  • In a Target or competitor’s local print ad

Price matches can be requested at the time of purchase or within 14 days of purchase.

the the full list of online competitors is available online.

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