SNAKEMAN aka THE SNAKE KING (2005) Reviews & Preview


“A New Breed of Predators”
SnakeMan is a 2005 American action-adventure horror film about a search party attempting to discover the Amazon Fountain of Youth. Also known as The snake king.

Directed by Allan A. Goldstein (pact with the devil; 2001: A Space Parody; Death Wish: The Face of Death) from a screenplay co-written with Declan O’Brien (Joy Ride 3: Roadkill; Wrong turn 5: lines; Bad Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings; Ark Monster; rock monster; Harpies) from a story co-written by Kenneth M. Badish and Boaz Davidson (director of X-ray).

The film stars Stephen Baldwin, Jayne Heitmeyer, Larry Day, Gary Hudson, Ross McCall, Phil Miler, Gideon Rosa, Jorge Tarquini, Caco Monteiro, Shelly Varod, Mike Zafra, Narcival Rubens, Lucas Wilber Silva Laborda, Charles Paraventi, Michael P. Flannigan


“You’ve got the good guy who knows his way around these parts, you’ve got the female lead who ends up becoming his love interest, you’ve got the bad guys who all end up getting killed one way or another, and all the world is just fodder for snakes. It’s all done in such a lifeless way that it manages to fail as a monster movie or a jungle adventure. ½ of 5 Center Dread

“The hilarious and gruesome CGI effects are good for laughs (literally, giggles), but the fifth time the rude-looking multi-headed snake interacts badly with a human actor, you’ll just shake your head in disbelief. Even though the CGI work is sloppy, the gore is pretty decent considering what they were working with. The video vacuum

“…evil can be fun, and this movie is fun – it kept us entertained and laughing until its final, moralistic ending that portends a happy (and probably long) future for Susan and Matt within the Snake Tribe. But any movie that starts with a cheesy double death and ends with a cheesy massacre and uses every cliche available in between is just hard to hate.

Plot Synopsis [contains spoilers]:
Deep in the Amazon, anthropologists discover the remains of a man who they determined was around 300 years old when he died. This leads to a second expedition to uncover the reason for his longevity, but there’s a major problem in the form of an Amazon tribe guarding the proverbial fountain of youth and the giant multi-headed serpent they revere.

The scientists, led by Doctor Susan Elters (Jayne Heitmeyer), local Amazonians and their guide, Matt Ford (Stephen Baldwin), fight their way through the jungle, losing half the crew along the way and discovering the tribe known as the Snake People. Once they find the tribe, they are held hostage and the only way to leave peacefully is to bring their newly discovered remains.

The scientists manage to contact the leader of the expedition who promises to bring back the body. When he and his soldiers show up without the body, they become enemies of the Serpent People. They search for the Fountain of Youth, killing Snake People along the way. They find the fountain in a cave and the final battle between the scientists and the snake takes place.

The entire team of soldiers is killed and the only people left alive are Doctor Susan Elters and Matt Ford, who discover that they must keep the secrets of eternal youth with the Snake People.


Cast and characters:
Stephen Baldwin … Matt Ford
Jayne Heitmeyer … Doctor Susan Elters
Larry Day … Doctor Rick Gordon
Gary Hudson … Doctor John Simon
Ross McCall … Timothy
Phil Miler … Doctor Richman
Gideon Rosa … Dahar
Jorge Tarquini … Jonathan Rodgers
Caco Monteiro … Will Bahia
Shelly Varod … Sid
Mike Zafra … Rush Fernandez
Narcival Rubens … Tika
Lucas Wilber Silva Laborda … Bada
Charles Paraventi … Ronald
Michael P. Flannigan … Jim
Sandro Lyrio … Edwardo
Agnaldo Santos López … Mase
Caio Roderigo Chaves … Prospector

Filming locations :


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