‘SNL’ tries Amazon Go parodying how white and black shoppers may view ‘Just Walk Out’ technology


Are people really convinced that it’s safe to just walk in and out of an Amazon Go store without a cashier? It depends on who they are, when it comes to “Saturday Night Live”.

The show took place at Go convenience stores on Saturday night in a fake ad depicting how white and black shoppers may view Amazon’s technology a little differently.

“At an Amazon Go store, you can just walk in, grab whatever you want, put it in your bag, and go,” a voiceover says.

“So I just take what I want and leave?” Wow, that’s so easy,” a white customer (Heidi Gardner) says in the parody.

“Oh, so you want me to take something and leave?” No, my son,” says a black buyer (Kenan Thompson), before adding, “Nice try.

Actress Zoë Kravitz (“The Batman,” “KIMI”) hosted “SNL” this weekend and appears in the parody as a shopper who’s afraid to just grab a bottle of kombucha and ask her boyfriend white to do it instead.

When she leaves the store, she raises her hands and shouts: “I am with him!

The first Amazon Go store opened in Seattle in January 2018. ‘Just Walk Out’ refers to the technology that powers the stores, with an array of overhead cameras and shelf sensors to track what shoppers pick up . The technology is now being used in some major Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods grocery stores as well as places such as Seattle’s Climate Pledge Arena.


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