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As a small business owner, Sophia Bush knows the importance of giving back to lesser known businesses this holiday season. This is why, this year, Sophia has joined forces with Amazon launch bar to show support for small businesses when purchasing Christmas gifts.

“As a female entrepreneur, I know how important exposure is to a small business. I’m excited to team up with Amazon Launchpad to support these amazing little brands,” says Sophia.

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Amazon launch bar offers a number of products owned by small businesses with cult followers, such as a car holder for dip with 14,000 reviews and a bottle of water that remind you to drink. Sophia’s Gift Guide showcases her favorite innovative products created by entrepreneurs and small businesses, featuring some of her “long-time favorites” and “new finds too”.

So whether you want to treat yourself to a portable pizza oven or find the perfect gift for your furry friend, here are the eight must-see holiday gifts from Sophia Bush’s Amazon Launchpad store.

1. A vinyl turntable

A vinyl record player is one of the best holiday gifts you can get, and this one has earned the Sophia Bush seal of approval.

One of the best Christmas gifts you can give is this vintage vinyl turntable; with a protective cover and several easy-to-control control panels, it’s perfect for listening to your favorite records. According to reviews, not only does it sound great, it also looks great. Almost 6,000 reviews give it 4.3 stars on Amazon.

Get the WOCKODER Store vinyl record player on Amazon for $ 62.99

2. A whiskey glass isolated

Serve cocktails in style with this top holiday gift.

Keep your hands warm and the glass cold using this best-selling holiday gift—a whiskey glass isolated. This whiskey glass has an insulated second layer on the outside which makes all the difference. Available in 11 different variations, you can opt for a single drink or a paired offer, depending on your specific needs, but in any case, over 1,500 reviewers call it their “drink for life”.

Get the Asobu Insulated Whiskey Glass and Stainless Steel Sleeve from Amazon starting at $ 23.99

3. A shower speaker

Invest in this premium shower speaker for the holidays from Amazon.

Designed with louder and more robust sound, this compact BlueTooth speaker obtains the seal of approval from nearly 17,000 examiners. Perfect for showers or swimming pools, this speaker offers up to 10 hours of use and only takes three hours to recharge. Deemed “a must have” by a handful of reviewers, this device connects seamlessly to any smartphone or Wi-Fi enabled device.

Get the iFox iF012 Bluetooth Shower Speaker from Amazon for $ 34.90

4. A Bluetooth meat thermometer

Cook meat to perfection with this thermometer that connects to your smartphone.

With over 15,000 reviews, it’s not hard to see why this meat thermometer is on Sophia Bush’s Christmas Gift Guide. This wireless thermometer can reach 165 feet and is equipped with two sensors and a meat probe, and easily connects to any smartphone. A reviewer claims that this thermometer “has literally changed [her] life “, while another adds, the application of the meat (on her smartphone) is a game-changer.

Get the MEATER Plus | Amazon Smart Meat Thermometer with Bluetooth for $ 99.95

5. A coffee grinder

Master mornings using this coffee grinder that would make the best holiday gift.

Master the mornings with the help of this manual coffee grinder which provides 18 settings that offer complete control and precision over the size of your coffee. A staple in the kitchen arsenal of over 19,000 reviewers, so many people love how “super.” [the machine] it’s for traveling “and how significantly different their coffee and espresso tastes are.

Get the JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder with Adjustable Settings from Amazon for $ 39.99

6. A sweet and salty sauce

Treat your loved ones with this sweet and salty hot sauce that will be used over and over again.

Enhance your dishes with this 100% natural product Fly in Jing sauce. Sourced from the heart of Sichuan, this sauce contains soybean oil, soy sauce, dried hot peppers and brown sugar and packaged in a single six-ounce jar or double wrap. Considered a new “staple” in kitchens, more 2,700 reviews have praised it on the full flavors of this sweet and savory sauce, which “uplifts” everything from meatballs to noodles.

Get FLY BY JING Zhong Sauce from Amazon for $ 17.98

7. An outdoor pizza oven

Gather around this pizza oven which will also be the most perfect holiday gift.

This season, reach this portable outdoor pizza oven which will bring together loved ones and friends on a regular basis. Featuring a built-in thermometer, this portable oven claims to heat up to 932 degrees in just 60 seconds, creating the ideal balance between a thin base and a perfect pie soufflé. Consider the 5 star rating and reviews praising this “best pizza oven”, we believe it is the best holiday gift to invest in this season.

Get Amazon’s ROCCBOX Gozney Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven for $ 499

8. A holiday gift for your pet

This year, don't forget a holiday gift for your pet and it's the perfect treat.

Naturally, we’ve saved the best Christmas present on Sophia’s list for last: a gift for your furry friend. This bone-shaped game device stimulates cats and dogs, connects to your smartphone and is suitable for indoor and outdoor play. With 12 built-in systems focused on emotion (including teasing and chase), it’s no wonder that reviews say their “pup loves this thing.”

Get the Wickedbone Smart Bone from Amazon for $ 69.99

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