South Yorkshire author “blown away” after his first novel became an Amazon bestseller


Roger Wilson-Crane, who has lived in Cantley for 25 years, has received rave reviews for his book Certified, a semi-fictional dissertation, which was published in August.

Roger. who previously lived in the Yorkshire Dales, said: “Never in my wildest dreams did I think the book would become a bestseller in any form.

“The pride, for me, was writing it down and hoping a few people would enjoy the three stories, nodding in recognition of some references around birth, marriage and death, but more importantly, laughing. and cry throughout his journey. “

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Author Roger Wilson Crane was stunned by his best-selling success.

All three stories revolve around the birth, marriage and death records that define our lives.

The book is inspired by real-life events and encompasses wacky storylines, shocking discoveries, and deep loss.

All of the tales are linked, taking the reader through the narrator’s younger years growing up in the Yorkshire Dales, a stopover through Malaga and Puglia, meeting Justin Timberlake on the way, then back to the Dales for the humorous but sad death. from his father.

Roger, who worked at a local Ford dealership for many years and was also a prominent member of Doncaster Stage Productions holding lead roles in Jesus Christ Superstar and The Full Monty before the work engagements intervened, racked up five star reviews. on Amazon.

And the old man from Settle says he was “blown away” by the reception the book got.

Affectionately recalled to the Craven area as a talented footballer and cricketer, not to mention his performances with Settle Opera, he only turned to writing after a successful career in the auto trade.

Roger draws on his time in Craven for much of this memoir, with his varied life experiences and travels heavily highlighted.

All 48 five-star reviews praise the humor, compassion, and sheer humanity of Roger’s Tales that contain so much shock, sadness, and hilarity.

Comments include “absolute joy”, “brilliant twists”, “catchy and heartwarming”, “like meeting an old friend after many years and catching up on her life because storytelling and dialogue are so natural” and “A sweet tale, skilfully woven, articulated with affection, honesty and learned surprises”.

Many critics have praised the blend of authentic autobiography and plausible fiction, prompting the reader to try to determine which is which. Why hadn’t Roger become a writer earlier in his life? The answer is, he wouldn’t have had such a rich story to tell.

Of his rise to bestseller status, Roger said: “It all got a bit surreal when the author of the Sunday Times international bestseller, Michael Heppell, gave the book a five-star rating, as well. what a fantastic review. From that point on I did podcasts, interviews, followed by independent book reviews who approached me. Suddenly, I became a successful author. It’s all a bit surreal and mind-blowing, really!

Published by New Generation, Certified, priced at £ 9.99, is available direct from Limestone Books in Settle or at, Amazon and online at Waterstones.


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