Starbucks baristas celebrate possible demise of ‘Battery Acid’ refreshment


The serious dance came photographically close to being literal. Redditor mulderufo13, posted an image of people happily gathered around a gravestone. The inserted text identified the deceased as the “Kiwi Refresher” while a cheerful funeral onlooker crouched above the burial ground was labeled “Every Barista”. The post shamelessly stated, “Goodbye battery acid refresher, we won’t miss you.”

In a separate thread, a userpantsylburbia said, “Kiwi is gone” and exclaimed, “the Battery Acid Special is no more!” Another commenter recommended destroying the pitchers used for the allegedly late Refreshment. Currently, the Starbucks website still lists the Refresher, so it’s unclear what makes the drink look like it’s going to drink heaven when people are telling it to go to hell. But if they’re right, they’re happy about it.

At least one Starbucks customer seemed pleased with the article’s possible release: “good riddance. worst drink I’ve ever tasted.” But a number of customers expressed dismay as they liked the drink. Presumably, they found it refreshing – or, in other words, it recharged their batteries. Even a barista cried it out, groaning, “NO ME TOO. I single-handedly went through our kiwi supply with my daily star drink.” Maybe for them, the Kiwi Starfruit Refresher had a bad reputation. So while – to channel Eminem – some might get lost in the serious dance party if it’s true that Kiwi Starfruit is close to autopsy, not everyone would find this news electrifying.


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