Strategist Flyer: 10 things that made us happy last week


Photo-Illustration: The Strategist; Pictures: Retailers

We write about hundreds of products a week. Here in our version of the Sunday Flyer, we’ve picked out some of our recent favorites – expert-recommended essentials, life-changing things you didn’t know you needed, recently-launched gadgets and some really great bargains. which we discovered browsing the vast universe of online shopping, including a foot massager that relaxes your whole body, a cocktail shaker designed by a bartender and socks that remind Nicco Annan of his roots.

CobraHead Original CobraHead Weeder and Cultivator Hand Tool

Over the past month, Strategist editors and writers have been busy with renovations, DIY and gardening. Editor-in-chief Jen Trolio battled encroaching garlic mustard with this hand tool, which she says “cuts and tills the ground with ease.” The arched steel neck and pointed head also make it “easy to maneuver under every uninvited guest, even in tight spaces, and pull them out at the root.”

Ateco Aluminum 4 1/4

With its raked texture, baker Aimee France’s icing technique is one of a kind. (Exhibit A: Chloë Sevigny’s wedding cake.) To achieve this unique effect, which is reminiscent of “goat dung,” as Strategist editor Chelsea Peng, France describes it, reveals she uses this aluminum triangle unassuming that only costs $1. When pulled up through the frosting, the fine serrated edge of the tool (which has become its most used tool) allows France to give a dimension to its creations.

Palmer's Coconut Oil Body Lotion

Storm Reid uses Palmers lotion for years, but on a recent birthday trip, her brother converted it from the regular formula to the coconut oil version, and she’s been using it in her routine ever since. the shower. Reid says, “It gives me the same hydration as regular Palmer, but it makes my skin look smoother and gives me a bit of a glow.” (It’s probably thanks to vitamin E.)

Christopher Kane's More Joy Cotton Canvas Apron
Very good deal

If designer brands are Dad’s weakness, find something he’ll love in our Father’s Day guide to the cheapest gifts from high-end brands. We’ve included Moncler slides, Tom Ford tank tops and this apron from Christopher Kane that will make Dad feel luxurious while grilling steaks.

Elevated Craft Hybrid Cocktail Shaker

Other dads don’t care less about designers, but will happily splurge on a well-designed drink – if that sounds like your dad, he might like this cocktail shaker recommended by Nicola Nice, founder and CEO of Pomp & Whimsy gin. Included in our list of gifts for every type of dad, this shaker was developed by bartenders and never sticks or leaks. Dad can mix up to five cocktails at once with the built-in jigger, ensuring he’s the life of the party.

Miko Shiatsu foot massager
Very good deal

In May, Strategist readers bought so many of these foot massagers that the device reappeared on our bestseller list for the first time since 2019. We have a hunch its return is tied to its placement in our guide. of the best father’s day. gifts, in addition to its more than 7,000 rave reviews on Amazon. It’s even earned praise from a professional massage therapist, who claims that a 15-minute treatment not only relaxes your feet, but your entire body.

Laverne Cox Tribute Collection Barbie Doll

You don’t have to collect Barbies to appreciate this memorable collaboration between Mattel and Emmy-nominated actress and activist Laverne Cox. It’s the first time the toymaker has modeled a doll after a transgender woman, and it’s done her justice with a stunning multi-piece outfit that includes a holographic bodysuit, red corset and full-length tulle dress.

Drifting coffee

We’ve reviewed the best coffee subscriptions that will be delivered right to your door, including this club that pairs its beans with expert advice. You’ll receive an Explorer Kit with two-ounce bags of five blends, with the option to participate in an expert-led tasting on Zoom. After the session, you can order larger bags of your favorites or continue experimenting with the Explorer kits.

Detroit Heart Kids Socks
Very good deal

“I’m a 313 baby,” says actor, dancer and choreographer Nicco Annan. “I’ve been away for so long, but this is still my home.” To represent her hometown, Annan wears these heart print knee high socks, available in three colorways. “Maybe no one knows but me,” he says. But “it’s that thing that makes you happy inside.”

Felix Gray Hamilton Night Glasses

We’ve rounded up the best blue light blocking glasses that will reduce eye strain, including this (actually cute) pair that could easily be mistaken for normal specs. The amber-tinted lenses block 62% of blue light and make “everything seem a little dimmer – like someone’s dimmed the lights,” according to Strategist editor Maxine Builder. But even though the yellow filter is noticeable, it doesn’t distort your vision – and that means you can spend some screen time before bed without a major effect on melatonin levels.

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