Tension Permeates Prime Video’s First ‘Master’ Trailer



Mastera heady new thriller from writer-director Mariama Diallo, has just released its first trailer ahead of its premiere on Amazon Prime Video later this month.

movie stars Little actor Regina Hall as Professor Gail Bishop, who becomes the first black woman determined to breathe new life into the position of “master” of a dormitory at a New England college as old as America .

Meanwhile, elite Ancaster College also welcomes a new black recruit, Zoe Renee’s Jasmine Moore, who is assigned a dorm that is rumored to be haunted. As Gail finds herself in Jasmine’s trials and tribulations as a new student, the freshman soon clashes with another class teacher, Amber Gray’s Liv Beckman. Meanwhile, Liv juggles a racially charged term exam herself.

The three women must find their place in college while Jasmine insists that the anonymous racist attacks on her come from the ghosts of the school. In Gail’s quest to keep school affairs in order, she soon begins to see something insidious lurking beneath her pristine shine.

Having originally premiered at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival in January, Master received generally favorable reviews from critics, earning a critical score of 78% on the global review site Rotten Tomatoes. Many praised both the film’s thoughtful social commentary and debut director Diallo’s effective horror elements.

Master hits Amazon Prime Video on March 18.


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