The 8 Best Memory Foam Mattress Toppers of 2022


Mattress toppers, like mattresses, are not a one-size-fits-all product, so here are some factors to consider when shopping for the best memory foam mattress topper for you:

✔️ Thickness: A good mattress topper should be at least 2 inches, but thicker options can provide additional support. If you’re looking for a more affordable upgrade, the slimmer models are a great option. Keep in mind that mattress toppers will increase the height of your mattress, which can affect the fit of the sheets.

✔️ Candy: If your mattress is too firm, look for a plush mattress topper that has a softer level of firmness. If you are looking for extra support, go for a firmer option.

✔️ Support: If you wake up with back or hip pain, a memory foam mattress topper can add firmness and support to relieve pressure in the affected areas.

✔️ Temperature regulation: Certain materials like memory foam can trap heat around your body, causing night sweats. If you overheat easily, opt for a mattress topper with cooling functions.

✔️ Stay-in-place features: If you’re worried about your mattress topper moving or shifting at night, look for mattress toppers with features like corner straps that cling to your mattress or a non-slip bottom that will keep it in place. You might also consider adding a mattress protector if you find your mattress topper needs something extra to keep it from shifting around in your pantry.

✔️ Care: Many mattress toppers are not machine washable, especially memory foam ones, but some may come with a removable cover that can be hand or machine washed.

✔️ Certificates: To ensure there are no harmful levels of chemicals in your memory foam mattress topper, look for certifications from CertiPUR-US. The GREENGUARD certification for indoor air quality means that the mattress topper meets chemical emission standards.


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