The Best Condiments on Amazon, According to a Chef


It’s true that you can buy just about anything on Amazon. From an extra-large *must-have* sandwich bread pillow has a life size cutout of yourself. But have you browsed the condiments section lately? I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the wealth of flavors it has to offer.

Condiments are one of my favorite food groups. Whether homemade or store-bought, a high-quality pot sauce, dip, or paste is a great way to elevate a bland dish, or even a great meal. And if you’re feeling stuck in a home cooking rut, having a fridge door full of colorful and aromatic flavor jars is a great way to inspire and motivate new dishes.

To help you grow your condiment repertoire, here are some of the best condiments on Amazon.

New York Shuk Harissa with candied lemon

New York Shuk, Premium Harissa Condiment with Preserved Lemon, 10 oz


Harissa, a pepper puree from North Africa, gets a funky, lemony boost from candied lemon. You can taste the quality of this sauce, which is produced according to a family recipe from clean and carefully selected ingredients. It is also totally smooth with no seeds or pepper skins. The brand also makes excellent dishes Harissa and candied lemon paste if you like flavors alone.

Rick’s Picks

Rick’s Picks Seller Pack Pickles, Beets, Okra & Green Beans


Go ahead and debate whether pickles are technically a condiment. While you do, I’ll be snacking on some crispy, sweet Phat Beets. You can taste (and see) all of Rick’s Picks seasonings, including garlic, cilantro, and hot peppers. As a bonus, they are hand-packed with produce from local farmers.

Ocean’s Balance Seaweed Puree

Ocean Balance Seaweed Puree with Lemon Juice

Ocean’s Balance The Pure Taste of Maine


Kelp: It’s not just for sea urchins anymore. In fact, this flavorful and salty mash is made from one of the most nutrient dense plants on the planet, grown off the coast of Maine. Not only is it good for you (hello, iodine, iron, and calcium), but it’s also full of umami. Stir the mash into soups and sauces, or try a funky ocean-inspired dessert!

OO’mämē Chilli Crisp

OO’mämē Fez Moroccan Chili Crisp


This cool brand thinks outside the box with its crispy, oily chili chips. Taste a few and travel around the world, from Fez, Morocco, with a condiment infused with dried figs and crystallized ginger in Oaxaca, Mexico, with nuggets, dried mango and agave. These interesting chips dress up everything from avocado toast to stir fry.

Kimchi Gourmet Sinto

Sinto Gourmet Sweet White Cabbage Napa Kimchi (Pack of 2)


Nothing like a condiment that adds crunch. And Sinto Gourmet’s cabbage kimchi goes way beyond that. These ferments are funky, tangy, and even a little sweet. Sweet white napa kimchi is the most docile, but don’t miss the heat of the spicy radish kimchi too.

Salsa Tenayo

Assorted Gourmet Tenayo Salsa


Whether you’re a fan of spicy salsa or prefer something a little sweeter and milder, there’s a Tenayo flavor for you. These salsas are made with a family recipe passed down to founder Arturo Cruz from his mother who grew up in El Tenayo, Mexico. They’re free of preservatives and added sugars, so you know you’re getting the best, most natural flavor.

Core and Rind Queso

Core & Rind, Plant-Based, Dairy-Free Cashew Cheese Sauce, 3 Flavor Pack


Yes, you can order a great queso online. This creamy, cheesy sauce is completely plant-based and cashew-based, but it’s just as delicious on your nachos, tacos, and even pasta as the dairy-based version. It comes in three flavors (Bold and Spicy, Sharp and Tangy, and Rick and Smoky), and they’re all instant favorites whether you eat dairy or not.

Brami Lupini Bean Dip

BRAMI Keto Lupini Bean Dip, Spread & Hummus


This shelf stable hummus is made with lupine beans instead of chickpeas. The beans are tossed with extra version olive oil and some simple seasonings. It tastes lighter than most store-bought hummus and is a delicious upgrade to an appetizer platter or sandwich. Brami also makes delicious small packets of snack-sized pickled lupine beans which are perfect for storing in your desk or purse.

Freak Flag Organic Pesto

Organic Freak Flag | Assortment of pesto

Organic Freak Flag


Pesto has its place in many dishes, from egg sandwiches to dips. And Freak Flag Organics pesto is about as versatile as it gets. Pestos come in three flavors: kale, tomato, and carrot, and all have a light, fresh flavor that tastes like summer. They are also dairy-free and nut-free, which is rare for pestos.

Adobo Fila Manila Sauce

Fila Manila Filipino Adobo – Award Winning Sauce & Marinade


Bring rich, savory Filipino flavor home in a jar with this simmer sauce. Unlike other super sweet sauces, this adobo is flavored with tamari and sweetened with date nectar. It gets the signature Filipino punch from coconut vinegar. You’ll quickly pass by a jar, so go ahead and grab a few. Be sure to try the brand’s other products simmered sauces and keep an eye out for their next Ube Jam.

Sinfit Herb Butter Seasoning

SINFIT Nutrition Seasonings: Delicious low-sodium, MSG-free and gluten-free spice blend



This dried seasoning mix is ​​exactly what your popcorn is missing. It’s a little sweet (from beet sugar), grassy and buttery: the perfect mix for movie night or just to jazz up your morning toast.

TRUFF hot sauce

TRUFF Hot Sauce Variety Pack, Gourmet Hot Sauce Set of Original


If you fancy a fancy night out, you’ll need a bottle of TRUFF to add a distinct touch of sophistication. These hot sauces bring a little heat with the umami richness of truffle oil. They also make a great gift.

Robert Rothschild Farm Onion Blossom Horseradish

Robert Rothschild Farm Gourmet Onion Blossom Horseradish Dip & Spread – 10.3 oz

Robert Rothschild Farm


This spread is an instant sandwich upgrade. The signature bite of potted horseradish is pleasantly tempered by sweet onion and a creamy texture. It’s also delicious with any potato dish or even tossed into a vinaigrette.

Chef Gerrie’s Red Pepper Toasts

Chef Gerrie Gourmet Vegan Slather Sauce


The name says it all: these flavorful red pepper sauces are delicious slathered on everything. They have the natural sweetness of roasted peppers and tomatoes, and a lovely light texture that’s made for dipping, spreading, dipping and well, basting!


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