The best gift baskets in 2022


If there’s one gift basket category that usually comes to mind first, it’s the fruit basket. For new neighbours, visits, thanks and so many occasions in life, the tradition of offering fruit baskets dates back to the 11e century (via Basketeer). And to this day, this simple gesture is still popular. If you are unable to organize your own local fruit basket or if your recipient is too far away to hand-deliver, you will want to order from a trusted supplier who reliably delivers fresh fruit from season, well presented. We have found the best.

Gift Tree sources are verified, local vendors arrange and deliver the Season’s Bounty Fruit Basket to your recipient with the freshest contents possible. While this means you can’t know in advance exactly what fruit your gift will receive, it does mean that it will be local and in season. Not to mention, the trusted name of Gift Tree ensures the basket will live up to the brand’s high standards.

Season’s Bounty can be augmented with balloons, flowers, and other assorted accessories like wine and chocolates. Past buyers have praised the baskets for being “too pretty to take apart”, impressive and always reliable for quality fruit.

Shop Gift Tree’s Season’s Bounty Gift Basket for $89.95 starting August 2022.


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