The best movie references from the first season


Even though the first season of Amazon rings of power the series is over, fans are still talking about the series and what is to come in the next episodes. The show’s rewatch value is high for easter eggs and fan benchmarks. The Lord of the Rings movies, and the writers relied on nostalgia to drive the story through awkward plot points and long stretches of setup and exposition.

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rings of power features several characters and locations that also appear in the popular the Lord of the Rings movies. There were other, more subtle references to be found in bits of dialogue, familiar scenes, or precious treasures that live on in the Third Age of Middle-earth in the form of legends.


6/6 The Palantir

Earien and the Palantir

The Palantiri were just magic talking stones in the books, but the show took on the more malevolent and prescient view of the Seeing Stones, which is also how they’ve been portrayed in the movies. The King of Numenor has one, and it revealed the downfall of the kingdom, a callback to Denethor’s vision of the black corsair ships in the Peter Jackson films.

Like the vision Denethor saw, whatever the king of Numenor saw, it ultimately drove him to madness. Contrary to Denethor’s vision, however, which was misleading and deliberately sent by Sauron, the tidal wave heading towards Numenor is genuine, and viewers know from the history books that the island’s fate is sealed.

5/6 Berek the Faithful Steed

isildur beholds valinor

A nice addition to the film adaptations made to the books was the horse, and viewers can thank Viggo Mortensen for that. Brego, the trusty courier who saved Aragorn’s life, wowed viewers and stole every scene he appeared in.

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Instead of Brego, rings of power to Berek, the brave and faithful steed of Isildur. He was introduced in the same episode as his master, and the series made it clear that there are few things in the world that Isildur loves more than his horse. As was the case with Aragorn, everyone thought he was dead, but his horse searched until he found him, and Berek is ready for a similar adventure.

4/6 Nori and poppy

Harfoots hugging each other

Tolkien was a romantic at heart and he told stories in which evil was no match for love and friendship. This is partly why Samwise Gamgee is the hero of the books, as he was Frodo’s best friend and ultimately what defeated Sauron’s evil. Beren and Luthien did what entire armies had failed to do by recovering a Silmaril.

Best friends Poppy and Nori are not only references to Sam and Frodo, but also Merry and Pippin and Legolas and Gimli. Another nugget of trivia is Nori’s full name, which is Elanor. She is never named in the film, but readers know that Sam’s eldest daughter was also named Elanor, a flower considered sacred by the Elves.

3/6 mount of destiny

eye of sauron and mount of doom in mordor

Unlike other cinematic references that might be hidden or indirect on the show, Mount Doom blew up in everyone’s face. The dramatic ending to episode six covered the Southlands in ash and fire, creating the Mordor viewers all know and fear. The Lord of the Rings.

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It was an unexpected and interesting reward regarding the mysterious ditches the Wood Elves were forced to build. The Lost Sword Hilt was an interesting weapon, but it turns out the aim was like a key the whole time. It was an interesting twist on a question no one asked, and now everyone knows how to make a Mordor.

2/6 moths

Gandalf with the Moth

Remember the humble little moth that flew to Gandalf’s aid when he was trapped atop Saruman’s Tower in the movie? The butterfly also made an unexpected appearance in rings of power, in one of the episodes that included the Stranger and the mysterious white-robed figures following him. This time, however, it was not just a butterfly but an eclipse of thousands.

When the Stranger confronts the robed figures and they determine he is not Sauron, he uses the light from his staff to turn them into moths. It seems oddly specific not to be a cinematic reference instead of just vanishing or incinerating them.

1/6 “Follow Your Nose”

title image the stranger and the five wizards saruman the stranger gandalf

Speaking of the stranger, whose identity is still a mystery, there was a familiar quote to close the season finale that seemed to reveal this or at least provide the most obvious clue thus far. The Fellowship’s time in Moria is one of the tensest in the book and film adaptations, with Gandalf using his sense of smell to guide the way when all else fails.

One of the last scenes of the season features the Stranger and Nori going on a journey to Rhun, but neither of them knows which direction they should take. The Stranger, who is definitely one of the Five Wizards but yet to be determined, decides to follow his nose. That may be the clue that reveals him as Gandalf, but it’s also a clear reference to Moria movie scenes.

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