The Best Olive Oils on Amazon, According to a Chef

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Olive oil can be expensive, and for good reason. Good things come at a high cost of production, which begins in carefully tended orchards and ends in premium packaging that protects the integrity of the product. Some options that may seem like bargain buys are actually too good to be true – they might cut their oil with cheaper oils. But you don’t * * * have to look far to find a legit, high-quality bottle. Browse Amazon and you’ll find hundreds of brands. But which are the best?

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We asked a qualified chef Annie Lucey at Brava Home for her advice on choosing the best olive oil – and some of her favorites you can find on Amazon (ICYMI, Brava is like the Tesla of kitchen appliances – it’s a smart oven – and Lucey is leading the development and content of their recipes).

According to Chef Lucey, look at the packaging: “I always look for extra virgin olive oil in a dark, stainless steel bottle or in a bottle that’s just not clear because light and heat deteriorate the quality of the oil,” says Lucey.

Lucey also shared some metrics she learned from Skyler Mapes, the co-founder of Exau Olive Oil, which she says “changed the game for me,” when it comes to choosing a quality EVOO. Here’s what to look for on the label:

Harvest date

The best is fresh. Look for oils that were harvested closer to the time of your purchase (less than 24 months) and if they are from the northern hemisphere, this may indicate that they were harvested in October or November. “If you consider two years [or more] your oil is probably rancid,” says Lucey. And, “Once you have olive oil in your kitchen, use it!” Many people want to save olive oil for a special occasion, but it’s important to use it while it’s fresh for the best flavor and quality. If you let it sit too long, it will go rancid, so be prepared!

Country (or state) of origin

“Spain, Italy, California and Greece are among the most popular countries of origin,” says Lucey, who notes that it’s simply more important for the brand to share the origin of the oil. on the label in relation to its specific origin. “It’s more about giving credit to producers, families and landowners, and less about having one region be better than the other.”

Acidity levels

Lucey points out that this is a “bonus” and not necessarily mandatory. She again shares the information from Mapes: “According to the International Olive Council, a extra virgin olive oil must have an acidity of less than 0.8 grams per 100 grams, or 0.8 percent. Why? “The acidity is a clear indication of the health of the olive tree and the olive tree.”

“My favorite brands, which also make great gifts, are some of the following small, mission-driven brands founded by women:Exau Olive Oil, Brightland Olive Oiland Pineapple Collaborative“, she says, but if you’re looking for Amazon picks, don’t worry, she’s shared her top five with us too!

The Best Olive Oils on Amazon, According to a Chef


Partanna Extra Virgin Olive Oil (101 ounce box) – $48.00

This Italian olive oil from Italy has a particularly grassy flavor because it is “undecanted” and harvested in mid-October. And don’t just trust Amazon reviews (although four thousand stellar reviews back up Lucey’s suggestion that Partanna EVOO is high quality all the way) – it’s award-winning liquid gold. Literally Gold – Partanna Won Gold at the Los Angeles International EVOO Competition and the New York International OO Competition.


Cobram Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil – $11.00

Cobram Estate has a variety of oils, but their 100% California Select is one of their top-rated with a flawless five-star rating (and it’s one of their most affordable!). We find the acidity directly on the label (

california olive oil

California Olive Ranch Global Blend Medium Extra Virgin Olive Oil – $19.00

California Olive Ranch offers a variety of EVOO options with different flavor profiles, using olives from different regions, not just California. This favorite Lucey brand has more expensive versions, but the most affordable option of the lot is a blend of olives from four regions called “Global Blend,” and can be found at and Whole Foods.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.


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