The Black + Decker Floor Sweeper is 30% off at Amazon


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There are mess types where you don’t need to get a vacuum out, but also where a typical broom won’t really help you. In this case, you probably need something in the middle. Enter the engine Black + Decker Floor Sweeperdesigned to handle all that mess in between – and it’s 30% off at Amazon.

The lightweight floor sweeper is a cross between a broom and a vacuum cleaner, with suction power to grab crumbs, dirt and hair in a snap. The cordless device can run for up to 50 minutes at a time before needing to be recharged, and it’s been designed with a pivoting head that lets you maneuver around, under, and behind awkward obstacles and large furniture. It can also lay flat, giving you even more angles to clean.

The trash can holds up to 12.5 ounces of messes at a time, and it was designed to be easily emptied with the press of a button. With its free-standing design, the sweeper can stand on its own when not in use, and the handle has a loop so it can be hung on a handle for storage.

Buy it! Black + Decker Floor Sweeper, $34.81 (original $49.99);

More than 2,300 Amazon shoppers have given the floor sweeper a five-star rating, with many noting that it “scoops everything”. One buyer even wrote“I’ve had it for a week or two and already I can’t imagine life without it,” while another said: “I am very surprised at the amount of cat hair, litter and crumbs he picked up.”

Another user said that he has been using this type of sweepers for years, explaining that this device “totally replaced” their broom to grab everything from crumbs to dust. They also noted that the sweeper is “lighter and more maneuverable than a broom or vacuum cleaner”, which makes it very easy to use and is even able to reach all the dust that lies along the edges. wall rights. They discovered that a single charge can also provide up to a month of sweep.


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