The Boys fix a major Stillwell mistake in Season 2


The most improved character in The Boys season 3 isn’t the one you might expect, but their rise to greatness finally corrects a mistake Stillwell made in season 2.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for The boys season 3, episode 6

The boys failed to fill her void in the form of Madelyn Stillwell in season 2, but Colby Minifie’s Ashley is finally stepping up for season 3. Played by Elisabeth Shue, Madelyn Stillwell played a major role in the first season of ‘Amazon. The boys TV series. Along with Giancarlo Esposito’s mysterious shadow boss Stan Edgar, Stillwell served as the de facto face of Vought. Arguing over supers, making demands, and putting out PR fires, Shue gave a gripping performance as a corporate executive jostling against superheroes considerably more powerful (but considerably dumber) than her.


Unfortunately, Madelyn Stillwell did not escape The boys season 1 alive. Homelander discovered she was keeping a huge secret (the existence of her son, Ryan Butcher) and brutally murdered her master by firing heat vision directly through her eye sockets. With Stillwell gone, Ashley effectively became his replacement for The boys season 2, but where Elisabeth Shue’s character brought a fleshed-out personality, her own secret agenda, and an impressive knack for wielding power over the powerful, Colby Minifie’s Ashley was little more than a yes-woman. Supe and non-supe ran rings around her at Vought, and limited screen time meant Ashley never made the same unmistakable stamp on The boys that Madelyn Stillwell had the previous season.

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Both Kimiko and MM make a strong case, but Ashley is arguably The boys‘ Season 3’s most improved character. The frenzied fun of seasons past is gone, replaced by a neurotic, controlling sycophant who takes out her frustrations on all the employees except Homelander, whom she disrespectfully worships. of oneself or ashamed. The way Ashley takes Homelander’s verbal reprimands The boys season 3, episode 5 (“Has your brain been fucked by an idiot?“) and then recycles the exact same quote to overpower Cameron Coleman isn’t just hilarious, it highlights a lust for power that audiences didn’t get to see in Season 2. The meeting room scene in which Ashley kicking poor Maureen out for asking a perfectly reasonable question is comedy gold, and the pride Ashley feels after telling A-Train “kiss my ass” watch watch The boysThe weird wallflower eventually turned into an even weirder Venus flytrap. Watching Ashley tower over everyone not wearing the American flag as a cape is far more interesting than watching her constantly shrink to a ball of stress and panic.

Colby Minifie as Ashley in The Boys

Colby Minifie always had more to offer The boysand the actress finally gets her chance to play with Ashley’s quirky eccentricity in The boys season 3. Whether she’s flailing around a patriotic phallus, ripping out clumps of hair, or straddling movie directors in restrooms, Ashley’s scenes are now colorful, comedic, and gross. While the Vought exec spent Season 2 apologizing in the background, it’s now endlessly entertaining…because no one can. enough predict what Ashley will do next.

As a supe or member of The Boys, Madelyn Stillwell needed to make an impression in Season 1. Her character was the essential bridge between Vought and the real world, and Elisabeth Shue’s presence was sorely missed in Season 2. The boys finally brings Ashley up to the level of her predecessor for Season 3. The two characters may not be alike – Stillwell was cunning and professional; Ashley is chaotic and clearly overwhelmed – but Colby Minifie is finally allowed to fill the void left by Madelyn Stillwell’s death. The boys season 2 was crying out desperately for a non-super Vought figure keeping the heroes in line. She may have taken a while to get there, but Ashley is finally living up to her predecessor.

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